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Google Hangout: How companies are succeeding with IBM i

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It’s no secret: in the age of social media and instant insights, customer expectations have changed. People use social networks and applications for entertainment, shopping, socializing and even work-life balance. How can businesses best respond to this shift and take advantage of opportunities to innovate, differentiate and grow? Moreover, how can they do all this cost-efficiently?

IBM i is best known for being a security-rich, cost-efficient platform for critical applications. It has a strong reputation for exceptional business resilience. Businesses running IBM i today are also using many new solutions, including cloud-based services, mobile applications and business analytics.

Join IBM i experts on May 3 for a Google Hangout to discuss these new solutions and how businesses are using new open industry technologies to succeed in the modern IT world.

Meet the panelists

Steve Pitcher is the enterprise systems manager at Scotsburn Ice Cream and an industry analyst at MC Press Online. He’s been a specialist in IBM i solutions since 2000 with an emphasis on modernization, security and collaboration products. Steve has been an IBM Champion for IBM Collaboration Solutions for the last five years and has recently been selected as an IBM Champion for Power Systems. You can reach him on Twitter @stevencpitcher.

Tom Huntington is the executive vice president of Technical Solutions at HelpSystems, and a 27-year veteran of the company. He works with business alliances, acquisitions and large customer relationships and ensures that the HelpSystems software works with products from other major software and hardware vendors worldwide. He is also the author of the IBM i Marketplace Survey. Follow him on Twitter @tjhuntington.

Trevor Perry is a popular speaker and consultant on modernization and IT strategy around the globe–and occasionally at home in New York. His sessions on a united approach to IT and business strategies challenge traditional methods and help lead companies as they move their IT organizations into the future. His day job is modernization strategist at Fresche Legacy. Find him on Twitter @ericjooka.

I will be the moderator for the chat, so here’s a little about me: I’m the offering manager for IBM i, and I own the responsibility for the IBM i business, including defining and guiding future directions and strategies. I’ve worked in the midrange area for more than 30 years and held a wide variety of positions at IBM, primarily with midrange servers and software. You can follow me on Twitter @IBMiSight.

Some of the questions the panelists will be answering

  • What shifts have you seen in your business, and how have you addressed those shifts with your customers?
  • How is IBM i 7.3 providing these business solutions, and what are the latest and greatest things IBM i can do?
  • What’s new in the recently announced IBM i 7.3?
  • How can IT executives understand IBM’s strategy and roadmap for the IBM i operating environment?

RSVP for the event and make sure to tune in live on May 3 at 11 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST). Also, be sure to follow along on Twitter by following @IBMPowerSystems.

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