SAFe and a DevOps approach help get you to market 75 percent faster

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Extensive case studies provided by Scaled Agile, Inc. point to the effectiveness of applying lean and agile principles to the broader enterprise, and experiencing these improvements in business results:

● Twenty to 50 percent increase in productivity

● Thirty to 75 percent faster time to market

● Greater than 50 percent defect reduction

● Increase in employee engagement

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a set of best practices and guidance encapsulated in a framework to expand the principles of lean thinking and iterative, incremental and agile development across the enterprise.  SAFe describes an organizational structure that includes business and engineering roles collaborating to deliver more value to customers as well as to the business. The framework considers not only the development of code but also architecture, project funding and governance. It also describes the roles and processes applicable at three organizational levels: team, program, and portfolio.

And we know that DevOps supports a continuous delivery model through an approach that embraces lean thinking, to help drive organizational efficiency and effectiveness. A DevOps solution grounded in SAFe methodology provides a comprehensive process and tooling framework that enables an optimized end‐to‐end life cycle to synchronize teams in the planning and execution of software delivery.

SAFe in combination with the IBM DevOps solution, for example, can enable team‐based development across the enterprise, which typically involves multiple people, processes and technologies.

The IBM Software Group development team is realizing the benefits of adopting a SAFe approach first-hand: we are currently on a SAFe transformation journey, embracing lean and agile principles and using our own tools to deliver those same capabilities to the marketplace.

On July 1, 2015, we’re hosting a Google Hangout video chat in which experts from IBM, Scaled Agile, Inc. and Telstra Corporation will discuss the many benefits of adopting SAFe and a DevOps approach and some tips to help get you started. Register here to reserve your spot at the discussion table!

DevOps and the Path to Better Agile Development
7:30 PM EST, July 1
Moderator:: Kelli Houston, Agile Transformation Lead, IBM

● Tony Christensen, GM-Agile Competency Lead, Telstra

Alex Yakyma, SAFe Methodologist and Principle Consultant

● Amy Silberbauer, Executive IT & Solution Specialist, SAFe and DevOps, IBM

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