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Forget everything you know about trust

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Have you ever stopped to think about what trust really means? At its core, trust is defined as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something. Your something is your business, and your business is now operating in an age where everything is digital. What does trust look like now? If the answer escapes you then it’s time to sit up and pay attention — everything you know about what trust means to your business just changed.

Digital transformation redefined what constitutes a strong relationship across today’s value chains. Security against cyber-attacks, safe transaction processing, the expectation that your data must be available anytime, from anywhere: these are the prerequisites for doing business now. The engine that’s driving it can best be defined as digital trust. Trust is the leading force in an economy that revolves around secure data and open connectedness. That brings us to the digital truth.

What is the Digital Truth? When it comes to security, it means digital trust in action.

The digital truth is that mainframe remains hyper-relevant and critical to building and maintaining a business that earns the digital trust of its customers. The customer, once betrayed, will choose another business. Losing customers means losing revenue — and that means losing the edge.

So what will it take for enterprises to thrive in this new environment? You must earn and maintain customer trust and loyalty in every single transaction, every day. IBM uncovered digital truths that every enterprise business leader should now consider critical. Your mainframe is the fastest, most secure and most reliable tool in your IT arsenal. It’s the critical component to keeping your data — and your reputation — safe.

“What keeps me up at night? Security.”

 – Integration Architect, Daimler Trucks North America

Digital Truth: Transformation is imperative — but can introduce new vulnerabilities

Is your organization prepared for the implications that come with IT transformation? We all know that innovation is paramount, but is your infrastructure prepared to support it? As companies work to rethink their operations to leverage benefits from big data, cloud, mobility and the IoT, IT leaders must defend against the emerging threats and vulnerabilities introduced by technologies. They must ensure the trust of their customers is preserved and continues to strengthen while your DevOps continues to enhance applications and tools. It’s not an easy feat – there’s no room for downtime, which is why the proven power and reliability of a mainframe-supported infrastructure is critical to defending against vulnerabilities.

Digital Truth: No business reputation can withstand a cyber-attack

There is a reason why companies host critical production applications on mainframes. In addition to powerful processing, they remain the most secure in existence. They have the cognition power of machines that have been perfected over decades and they pass on the innovation that has been ingrained into them with every new wave of the digital progress. The path to total encryption starts with the mainframe. With these machines making up your infrastructure foundation, your security teams can extend legacy security to new applications such as cloud and IoT without losing sight of core encryption.

In fact, mainframe powers pervasive encryption that stays vigilant with constant updates. On the surface, this leads to better customer experience because you’re not diverting resources away from delivery. At the core, you’re securing the competitive advantage with a reliable foundation that creates and maintains the assurance required from the boardroom to the online store. That’s where your reputation becomes revenue.

“I work for a bank, and trust is what we live and breathe. Trust is what we trade in. We’re only as good as our customers’ trust.”

 – Cloud Platform Manager, Bendigo Bank, Australia

Digital Truth: ISM isn’t just an issue; it’s a core competency that starts with the CIO

As we now know, Information Security Management (ISM) isn’t just a blip on the productivity radar for one particular department to correct. ISM has become a core competency of organizations that value customer retention and ongoing growth. It starts at the top: board members and executives across your business should be knowledgeable and ready to act on information security insights. For CIOs, protecting data is much more than a technical issue; instead, it’s a building block for profitable commerce in a digital marketplace.

Part of ISM is active risk management. To establish and maintain digital trust, a board-driven (and supported) cognitive risk assessment process should be in place. The engine for vigilant risk management is your mainframe. You need it to actively identify vulnerabilities, adapt to emerging threats and constantly reduce breach risk. Without full executive support and indefatigable IT, someone will find a way to crack your safe.

Digital Truth: Build your base on a CMO-verifiable message backed up with performance data

Earning trust is as important as protecting it. Market your brand with data that proves how you tie reliability to performance. Your CMO must be able to engage a new audience with a verifiable message of dependability driven by mainframe. Your CMO must be able to establish your advantage over the competition with proven reliability and security. Your CIO’s dedication to real-time ISM, pervasive encryption and the effect these have on customer experience enable your CMO to honestly tout your trustworthiness to the world.

Deploying a banner reading Trust Me to a savvy next-gen audience is as effective as saying nothing at all. You’re operating in a world where performance and reliability are accessible metrics that can be proved or disproved by your customers in an instant. Give your message — and your messengers — the power of truth by investing in their claims and proving your effectiveness in the field to customers and competitors at every opportunity.

The Digital Truth: Mainframe is the keystone of digital trust for every transaction, in every moment, across every organization.

Digital trust starts with data security. It extends from DevOps to CIO leadership and the CMO voice. It gives you the power to market yourself truthfully in a world that demands reliability. From data to delivery, digital trust is mandatory. That’s the digital truth, built on mainframe.

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