Flexible storage solutions for a hybrid IT environment

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Your transaction data is a valuable corporate asset. Savvy leaders know that in today’s data-driven world, your organization must be able to fully utilize all meaningful data. To succeed, IT capabilities should help you unlock the inherent value of your data and thereby gain a market advantage. But first, there are important strategic and operational priorities to consider.

With the ongoing rise of digital business transformation projects, the modern organization already has massive amounts of stored data – and it’s growing rapidly. Here’s the key challenge to overcome: how to store all the most important data in a scalable, efficient way so your talented team can get to the insightful nuggets that provide a competitive edge.

Therefore, CIOs and CTOs must be ready to deploy adaptable hybrid IT infrastructure so that they can improve agility, performance, reliability and cost efficiency. As a result, their organizations can harness the benefits of IT delivered services within an enterprise multi-cloud environment.

Remove complexity and accelerate provisioning

Many IT departments have large sets of hardware and software components and spend a lot of time integrating them into a workable solution. IBM Spectrum Access delivers enterprise data management and protection in hybrid and multi-cloud environments with operational control and efficiency. It’s designed to provide what your business needs to deploy a private cloud.

IBM Cloud Private helps enterprises transform by enabling them to build new applications using modern processes and by modernizing legacy applications. Unlike other solutions that merely overlay software, IBM Spectrum Access for IBM Cloud Private offers a pretested and validated solution to help you more easily provision cloud services in an on-premises environment.

Our solution incorporates enterprise software-defined data center technology — including network and storage virtualization, as well as container integration — resulting in effective policy-based automation. In addition, IBM Spectrum Access can scale and simplify the containerized environment — with the potential to scale to more containers with faster, automated provisioning of supporting volumes than native container scripting.

Hybrid IT architecture optimized for speed

Adding compute and storage capacity in an ad hoc manner can force IT staff to spend a lot of time selecting, connecting, integrating, testing and managing components. IBM Spectrum Access can help you react faster, and more easily deploy the resources your users need. Our lab-tested architecture offers detailed design and implementation guidance that helps you reduce risk and guesswork by providing architect and administrator implementation guidebooks.

In a cloud compute environment, there is often increased complexity due to the volume of objects and components that make up the total solution. Managing thousands of individual containers can be challenging. Moreover, inefficient storage allocation, along with a lack of overall performance, poses a real threat to the scalability of the cloud service environment.

IBM Cloud Private integrates a variety of microservices and middleware capabilities that combine with IBM Spectrum Access to form a manageable and responsive infrastructure.

These comprehensive capabilities will improve the overall integration of your applications, while minimizing risks associated with performance bottlenecks and unpredictable scalability.

Automated and secure self-service access

Your users expect continuous operation and easy access to resources. IBM Spectrum Access helps you move from technology silos to a cloud model that transforms your data center infrastructure into pools of resources that can be more easily allocated and repurposed.

IBM Spectrum Access abstracts the individual devices, hypervisors and virtual machines into a simplified model that can be easier to manipulate and incorporate into automated processes. Users request the resources they need through a secure, easy-to-use self-service portal, and the system provisions the underlying infrastructure. It’s fast, flexible and intelligent.

IBM Spectrum Access also helps you monitor and manage applications and provide resource consumption information. Enabled by at-a-glance status panels, resource utilization tracking, and predefined reports, your IT organization can monitor cloud infrastructure performance.

Next steps: discover the possibilities

Learn how you can solve the most frustrating IT infrastructure integration problems and quickly advance your cloud or container applications that are rich with valuable data insights. Reach out now to an IBM representative or Business Partner to find out more about our cloud and storage solutions.

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