Five advantages of IBM PowerAI Vision

By | 2 minute read | May 2, 2019

In my previous post, I introduced IBM PowerAI Vision, a tool that makes deep learning more accessible to business users without requiring expertise in coding or deep learning. PowerAI Vision can be used in a variety of visual recognition scenarios and offers static image classification, static image object detection and video object detection. Numerous industries, from utilities to transportation, are finding ways to take advantage of this technology.

Why should you choose it over other deep learning solutions?

Here are some of the advantages of PowerAI Vision.

1. Designed for subject matter experts (SMEs)

Typically, AI platforms are designed for data scientists and machine learning / deep learning experts, but often it’s the subject matter experts who really know and understand the problems that organizations face in their industry or business. Designed for SMEs, PowerAI Vision enables SMEs to solve business problems with deep learning vision models. The simple graphical user interface (GUI) guides SMEs to create point-and-click vision models. By not requiring dependence on data scientists, PowerAI Vision lowers organizations’ entry into deep learning.

2. Streamlines AI processes

Deep learning is a team sport in which data officers, data scientists and application developers play a very dependent role. PowerAI Vision streamlines the processes, minimizing interdependencies and accelerating the lifecycle of managing deep learning models.

3. Accelerates data labeling

PowerAI Vision includes features such as auto-labeling to accelerate the time it takes to label data sets. Instead of manually labelling, the SMEs becomes the supervisor and auditor of the results of data labeling, saving time and resources. Also, challenges like training models with limited data sets can be addressed by a variety of augmentation capabilities that increase the data set.

4. Provides advanced tools for users who want them

While it is designed for the business users and SMEs, PowerAI Vision offers data scientists tools, improved statistics and the ability to fine tune hyperparameters. Additionally, data scientists can extend AI solutions and bring in their own customized deep learning models to train and inference.

5. Connected to the complete IBM solution ecosystem

PowerAI Vision provides differentiated value by being a single solution that includes all steps of deep learning for image and video processing. Data sets can be labeled, trained and deployed easily within the GUI. With the ability to inference on a wide variety of platforms, PowerAI Vision offers an array of options to bring models close to the source of data.

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