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Fast-growing Lab Services tool saves IBM Power clients time

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It will come as no surprise to anyone who’s worked with me: I’m an evangelist for the IBM Power Systems Live Partition Mobility (LPM) and Simplified Remote Restart (SRR) automation tool. I’ve even called it the best-kept secret of the latest IBM Power Systems servers.

LPM is a feature of Power Systems servers that enables a virtual machine (logical partition, or LPAR) to be relocated to another system while it’s running, with no downtime. SRR allows an admin to restart partitions from a failed server to another server. These capabilities are quite similar in helping IBM Power Systems clients to move applications between servers.

The LPM/SRR automation tool, which is delivered by IBM Systems Lab Services, has quickly grown in popularity since its launch in early 2015.

Why is this the fastest-growing tool in IBM Systems Lab Services?

Here are some of the LPM/SRR automation tool’s top benefits:

  • Ease of use: The tool is easy to install and easy for clients to learn how to use; they can master its basic features in just a few hours.
  • Time savings: The LPM/SRR tool can save clients a lot of time moving applications between servers. If you don’t have the tool, you can only do one mobility at a time through the Hardware Management Console or PowerVC. With the tool, you can do about 16 at a time, in parallel rather than serially.
  • Advanced features: The LPM/SRR tool includes features like the ability to easily remap PowerVM configurations from IBM POWER7 to IBM POWER8 (HBA mappings, V-switch mappings, shared processor pools and so forth). Clients moving to a newer version of IBM Power Systems can therefore redesign their PowerVM mappings onto the new servers with ease.

The success of the LPM/SRR automation tool

Hundreds of clients worldwide are now using the LPM and SRR tool, with new organizations taking advantage of it every week. This makes the LPM/SRR capability one of the fastest-growing tools in IBM Systems Lab Services. Client feedback has confirmed that setup of the tool is fast and that the tool is easy to use—simplifying tasks and saving time.

Watch this quick video on the tool’s features for a glimpse of its capabilities:

IBM Systems Lab Services is always working to add new features to the LPM/SRR tool, as well as design updates that will enhance its look and feel. Clients can update to the new versions as they are released.

More resources

If you’re looking to learn more, I’ve created a series of videos to demo the LPM/SRR automation tool. Please check out my YouTube playlist for demos, presentations on why clients need this tool and much more.

There are also some longer, more-detailed videos available for those interested in in-depth information about the tool:


IBM Systems Lab Services Power Systems is an experienced group of technical consultants with proven expertise to help clients with designing, building and delivering Power Systems infrastructure. We help clients migrate faster between generations of Power servers with enterprise scale provisioning and live migration automation tools.

If you have questions or comments about the LPM/SRR automation tool, please email us today.

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