Explore the latest storage innovation at Think 2019

By | 4 minute read | January 22, 2019

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From healthcare to financial services, organizations across all industries recognize the importance of leveraging data for competitive advantage. But for many organizations, managing vital data resources can present significant storage challenges.

First and foremost, organizations need to accommodate rapidly rising volumes of many types of data. They also need to boost storage performance so they can support demanding workloads and generate new insights quickly. And as organizations increasingly adopt a variety of cloud solutions, they also need physical and software-defined storage solutions that can scale to meet the unique requirements of hybrid multicloud environments.

At Think 2019—February 12 – 15, 2019 in San Francisco, California—the IBM Storage team will present a wide array of sessions, panel discussions, success stories, demos and hands-on labs that cover ways to address these and other storage challenges. Attend Think 2019 to see the storage solutions we will showcase on the Cloud and Infrastructure Campus. Here’s a preview.

Managing data in hybrid multicloud environments

Today, organizations are increasingly adopting multiple cloud solutions—including both private and public clouds from multiple providers—to accommodate diverse business and technical requirements. They might choose public cloud services for archiving, create a hybrid cloud for disaster recovery and build a private cloud to keep some sensitive data on premises. And they need a storage platform that enables the efficient movement of data among all of these cloud environments.

At Think 2019, we are bringing cloud and infrastructure teams together on the same campus, where we will present effective approaches for addressing storage issues in cloud environments. These presentations will include a keynote talk plus sessions and panels on finding the right storage infrastructure for a hybrid multicloud world. We will also discuss ways to simplify orchestration of IT resources among multiple clouds and present a range of IBM solutions that support the implementation and management of hybrid multicloud environments.

Boosting storage performance for data-driven organizations

Many data-driven organizations are implementing high-performance all-flash and hybrid storage solutions to speed data analysis and accelerate decision-making. At Think 2019, we will spotlight the IBM FlashSystem family, along with IBM Storwize and IBM DS8880 all-flash and hybrid storage systems through labs, how-to sessions and success stories. We’ll also highlight IBM FlashCore technology, which enables FlashSystem storage to deliver extreme performance and enterprise-grade reliability.

In addition, several sessions will focus on Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) and NVMe Over Fabrics—interfaces to flash storage that dramatically reduce data access time. We will explore the NVMe revolution, discuss IBM’s strategy for NVMe, identify the opportunities it presents for software-defined and integrated storage systems and showcase IBM solutions that incorporate NVMe—including the recently launched IBM FlashSystem 9100 and IBM Storwize V7000 systems.

Data-driven organizations also need ways to find information fast, especially within large and growing collections of unstructured data. At Think 2019, we will offer sessions centered on IBM Spectrum Discover, a solution that transforms data for AI and analytics. IBM Spectrum Discover creates powerful search capabilities that expose valuable data and enable AI to catalog and create actionable data for fast analysis and insights. It easily connects to IBM Cloud Object Storage and IBM Spectrum Scale to rapidly ingest, consolidate and index metadata for billions of files and objects, enabling you to rapidly find what you need. While we are on the subject of AI, don’t miss Ed Walsh, General Manager for Storage & Software Defined Infrastructure at his executive session “Storage for the Data-Driven AI World”.

Managing growing data volumes

Whether analyzing customer transactions, ingesting sensor data from manufacturing systems or archiving several years’ worth of medical records, organizations need ways to store and manage a large volume and increasing variety of data. At Think 2019, we will explain how scalable capacity storage solutions—such as IBM Cloud Object Storage—help you to store millions or even billions of files or objects with transformational modern efficiency in your data center. We will also examine the benefits of using software-defined storage in conjunction with cloud-based infrastructure to gain the agility for change while streamlining data management.

For organizations that need to think about long-term data retention, we will have several sessions and success stories that focus on managing archival data along with production data. For example, we will show you how a medical center is addressing its fast-growing data footprint with Komprise Intelligent Data Management and IBM Spectrum Scale data management solutions.

Also plan on attending sessions that cover data protection and data reuse. You can learn more about IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, which offers a modern, easy-to-use solution for protecting and reusing virtual machines and applications that can also be integrated with the cloud. See also how IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management empowers development teams to efficiently spin up production data copies to test applications in DevOps environments.

Engaging in interactive experiences

Register today for Think 2019. It takes place in San Francisco, California, February 12 – 15, 2019. Don’t miss the variety of opportunities to interact, network and learn about key topics—from security and storage economics to storage for mainframes and supercomputers. And when you arrive for Think 2019, please join us for the IBM Systems reception at the Infrastructure Village on Wednesday, February 13, at 7 PM local time. We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco.