Explore the future of enterprise Linux systems at Think 2019

By | 3 minute read | January 11, 2019

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Many organizations rely on Linux-based systems to support critical enterprise applications. Yet as their businesses grow, these organizations are increasingly looking for alternatives to commodity x86 servers. They need better ways to meet enterprise-grade security, reliability and scalability requirements while controlling costs and complexity.

IBM LinuxONE enterprise systems offer an answer. From banks to cloud service providers, a wide range of organizations entrust their core business functions and customer experiences to this platform. The continuous development of LinuxONE and the ongoing partnerships with Canonical, Red Hat and SUSE demonstrate IBM’s deep commitment to providing powerful Linux-based solutions for demanding enterprise applications.

Think 2019—IBM’s flagship technology conference—provides ample opportunities to learn even more about LinuxONE. The conference offers numerous sessions, customer success stories and Think Tanks dedicated to LinuxONE. Attend Think 2019 to explore the latest LinuxONE offerings and connect with experts. And discover why LinuxONE is the right platform for supporting banks of the future, driving blockchain initiatives forward, constructing secure cloud environments, consolidating data center infrastructure and more.

Enabling Fintech with LinuxONE

Digital and mobile banking technologies are reshaping the banking industry. To meet increasing demand for new, connected banking experiences, frontier banks are delivering a full range of services through mobile apps and other digital channels instead of relying on brick-and-mortar branches. In some global regions, banking customers are already comfortable doing all of their banking through their smartphones.

To compete successfully with traditional banks, these forward-thinking financial institutions need a scalable, reliable and highly secure compute infrastructure. At Think, we explain why the LinuxONE platform is the right fit in many cases. We have a session on Fintechs and a Think Tank on technologies for frontier banking. You can also hear directly from an organization that will be running its digital-only bank on LinuxONE.

Adopting LinuxONE to support blockchain initiatives

Initially developed as a transaction ledger for cryptocurrency, blockchain is a shared, distributed, digital ledger technology that is gaining attention from a diverse array of organizations looking to streamline transactions and simplify reconciliation without depending on a third party. At Think 2019, we’ll explain why the security, reliability and efficient, scalable performance of LinuxONE make it a platform that is well suited for supporting blockchain initiatives.

You’ll also hear about multiple blockchain deployment options on LinuxONE. For example, you can take advantage of the IBM Blockchain platform on LinuxONE in the IBM Cloud. Or you can deploy IBM Blockchain on premises using IBM Cloud Private with LinuxONE if you need to comply with strict data regulations.

Building secure cloud environments with LinuxONE

Whether organizations are providing public cloud services or building a private cloud for their business, ensuring tight security and maintaining compliance with strict regulations are critical. By building a cloud on the LinuxONE platform, organizations can use pervasive encryption to protect application, cloud service and database data. As part of that pervasive approach to security, LinuxONE offers IBM Secure Service Container technology for safeguarding microservices-based applications without requiring changes in applications.

Think 2019 offers a number of sessions that discuss Secure Service Container technology, including one that compares it to a competing technology. We also host a Think Tank on how Secure Service Container helps protect against rogue internal threats.

Consolidating multiple x86 workloads on LinuxONE

Consolidation is one of the key benefits LinuxONE provides. Instead of continuously adding commodity x86 servers, organizations can efficiently scale their environment using only a single LinuxONE system. Beyond using less power, cooling and real estate, consolidation helps improve resource sharing and simplify management. At Think 2019, you can hear a lot more about the benefits of consolidating workloads on LinuxONE systems, including the story of an organization that has saved substantial costs by moving from x86 to LinuxONE.

Digging deeper into LinuxONE

While you’re at Think 2019, plan to attend a session featuring Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical, which developed the Linux-based Ubuntu operating system. Shuttleworth will discuss why the cloud is built on Linux, and why doing so can be important for your organization. In addition, Judith Hurwitz, author of the new LinuxONE for Dummies, will present a case for using LinuxONE as an alternative to commodity systems—and she’ll be available afterward to sign copies of her book.

Be part of the LinuxONE showcase

Register today for Think 2019. The event takes place in San Francisco, California, February 12 – 15. Don’t miss the event’s variety of opportunities to interact, network and learn about key topics—from LinuxONE and innovative applications to security, workload consolidation and efficient scalability. And when you arrive for Think 2019, please join us for the IBM Systems reception at The Village on Wednesday, February 13, at 7 PM local time.

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco.