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IBM Systems is excited to announce our participation in Think 2018—a technology event where the problems of tomorrow meet the minds of today. Join us March 19–22, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada to discover how you can realize new, positive outcomes by tapping into the power of IBM.

In fact, our Systems product portfolio will be featured across the conference, from our very own IT infrastructure “campus,” to talks highlighting the connection points between infrastructure and IBM Cloud, IBM Security, IBM Watson and more.

In campus sessions, tech talks, product demonstrations and other activities you’ll learn ways that actual IBM clients are harnessing emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and quantum computing. You’ll also hear from tech visionaries who are working to solve the unsolvable by leveraging powerful infrastructure for data intelligence and insights. And you’ll examine the challenges of a multi-cloud reality in which you need to balance risk and complexity to bolster security, drive value and maximize efficiency.

Who should attend Think 2018? Senior IT and infrastructure leaders, data center and storage managers, data scientists and analytics leaders, and other IT professionals who want to discover new technologies, get inspired and connect with a large ecosystem of experts.

Focus on what the world is thinking about

New technologies enter the marketplace every day. From AI, blockchain, deep learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) to cloud, data analytics and security, these technologies are helping transform organizations and enabling businesses to disrupt industries.

Because Think is a great time to contemplate the future, Think attendees will also be among the first to hear new product announcements from IBM. Look for news about IBM LinuxONE, IBM Power Systems, IBM Storage and IBM Z.

Get inspired

Think will bring together hundreds of visionaries, inventors and experts to inspire and enlighten. Through featured sessions from the Think curriculum, these guests will offer talks, lead discussions and guide immersive experiences.

In core curriculum sessions, IBM clients will share their best practices, provide deep dives into technologies and facilitate industry discussions. Companion Think Tank sessions will offer an even more detailed look into certain topics with opportunities to ask questions of technical staff and network with like-minded peers.

To get some hands-on experience with new technologies, you can also explore demos, participate in Think University labs and attend certification sessions. And you’ll hear real-world success stories to learn about what other organizations are doing with next-generation solutions.

Connect with your communities

Think gathers communities of people with shared visions—curious thinkers who are dedicated not only to addressing immediate business challenges but also to solving some of the world’s biggest problems. With plenty of time built into the event schedule for networking, Think provides tremendous opportunities to meet smart, fun people.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this groundbreaking event from IBM. Register now to secure your spot, and invest in your own future. And don’t forget to follow @IBMSystems on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for the latest information on our speakers, entertainment, and more.

VP Marketing, IBM Cognitive Systems

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