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Didn’t win Powerball? Here’s an investment that pays off!

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If you listened sadly as your numbers were not called at the recent USD $1.5 billion Powerball lottery, don’t despair. The odds of winning were a daunting 1 in 292 million! But if you’re looking for an investment that always pays off, you can’t beat investing in your skills development.

With the explosion of disruptive technologies, systems infrastructure skills are critical for success in the cognitive era. Mastering virtualization, performance tuning, software-defined storage and other operational tactics is key to supporting the immense systems demands of today’s cognitive landscape. Industry experts agree: cognitive is here to stay. Are your skills relevant in this new marketplace? To get an idea, check out a recent Information Week article on 15 hot skills for IT pros.

If you are in management, there’s a compelling business reason for investing in skills development for your team: trained employees are less likely to leave. A recent Kenexa Work Trends Survey revealed that training is a major component of employee job satisfaction and employee retention. Workers who have opportunities to grow their skills are more likely to stay at their firms. This behavior is most evident in the first year of employment when new employees are in the “honeymoon phase” of their relationship with their companies. However, seasoned employees are also reluctant to leave if they have access to education and training.

So the picture is clear–skills development matters! What also matters is that you know where to go to get the skills you need. In addition to IBM Systems classroom, online and private training, why not consider a technical training event? Attend IBMTechU Comes to You, a variety of three-day mini-conferences across the US where you can get in-depth technical training on IBM z Systems, IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage. These local events offer more than just training:

• The latest IBM product announcements
• “How-to” technical sessions led by product developers and systems experts
• Hands-on labs and workshops geared to all skill levels
• Discussions on real-world IT challenges and successes
• Opportunities to meet with IBM developers
• Certification testing
• Solutions and demos from IBM labs and IBM business partners
• Networking with other industry practitioners with similar interests

I hope to meet you at an upcoming IBMTechU Comes to You event. Make sure to visit our technical events webpage for more information and to register for an event near you!

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