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Day three at IBM Edge 2016: Outthinking status quo

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Three days in, and this conference keeps getting better!

Las Vegas, IBM Edge 2016

Wednesday at #IBMEdge2016 was a full day of learning, sharing and networking. The day started off sunny and bright with check-ins and breakfast. Then sellers and business partners headed off for training while the expo booths began their showcasing.

the Expo hall, IBM Edge 2016

The morning was packed with lots of learning opportunities. IBM executives, IBM Fellows and IBM Distinguished Engineers led the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Summit to share truly game-changing services and processes. Industry experts helped organizations find their niche in respective industries to drive business growth. Strategies for positioning an IT infrastructure with innovative solutions to capture new markets was also covered.

The breakout sessions

The breakout sessions on Wednesday covered everything from infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to meeting security and compliance requirements.

VersaStack presentation, IBM Edge 2016

My favorite session of the day was the “VersaStack Primes Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital for the Future” session. Led by Rob Snyder, Senior Account Executive with Key Information Systems and Greg McCoy, Manager of IT Architecture at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital.  Their presentation brought to life how MEDITECH deployed on VersaStack with FlashSystem V9000. In this case, VersaStack helped to simplify the IT infrastructure at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital and enabled the hospital to deliver better care to patients more quickly as a result.

The sessions at Edge 2016 truly inspired attendees to prepare and operate in the cognitive era.

The Solutions Expo

Between all of the sessions and speakers, time had to be made to visit the incredible Solutions Expo and meet and greet with other conference visitors. The true highlight for many was seeing a real Red Bull Racing Formula One car, reinforcing the amazing story we heard in the Day 1 General Session — how Red Bull Racing uses IBM Systems technology to sift through an ocean of data points and extract insights that help them win races.

For the music aficionados attending Edge, there was a booth just for us too.

Remix IT, IBM Edge 2016

At the #RemixIT Booth, visitors were able to create their own custom remixed songs of beats and sounds captured at a real-life IBM data center. It was a cool way to show how IT infrastructure can be brought to life in a non-technical medium. And every couple of hours, DJ Tim Exile was up on the stage performing some of his creations live.

The women’s networking reception

As Wednesday concluded, the day wrapped up with a women’s networking reception.

women's expo at Edge, IBM Edge 2016

The panel included breakouts of roundtable discussions hosted by moderators Stefanie Chiras, Power Systems Offering Management and System of Engagement Infrastructures, Donna Dillenberger, IBM Fellow, Susan Emerick, digital marketing professional, Evelyn Bailey, Vice President of Storage Solutions, and Christine Lemyze, Vice President of Marketing, to name a few.

Women's expo at Edge, IBM Edge 2016

Tasty trays filled with French pastries, international coffees and chocolate-dipped strawberries were served as the chats took place. Topics ranged from work-life balance to navigating through a career path with political savvy. The room was full of invigorated thought leaders as both ideas and business cards were exchanged, creating lasting connections and moments to remember.

fireside chats, IBM Edge 2016

As night fell, each attendee knew that there was one more day left for us all to expand our minds to outthink status quo. The conference hall emptied as the sun began to set. Attendees left to refresh, relax and enjoy a bit of Vegas before the grand finale of Edge.

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