Data protection for hybrid multicloud environments

By | 3 minute read | October 21, 2019

According to IDC research[1], 60 percent of organizations will have a digital transformation strategy in place by 2020. IT infrastructure must keep pace, so IT teams are increasingly embracing containerized and hybrid multicloud environments that enable better resource efficiency, massive scalability, greater productivity and lower operational costs. IDC research reveals that:

  • 70 percent percent of organizations have a container-based app development environment.
  • 90 percent of organizations expect to use cloud for part of their data protection within 12 months.

The shift to containers and hybrid multicloud environments is having a profound effect on modern data protection. As containerized apps move into production, they require container-centric modern data protection services: backup, recovery and retention. Virtual environments that once ran mostly on premises now extend to the cloud, and we find that companies want to use the solutions whether they are protecting VMs hosted on premises or in the cloud.

To meet these challenges, the latest IBM modern data protection release, which will be available November 22, 2019, delivers several enhancements that simplify protection for containerized and cloud-based workloads. Enhancements include:

  • Tech preview[2] of Red Hat OpenShift container backup support. This exciting program enables developers to test the ability to easily back up, recover and retain containers in a Red Hat OpenShift environment.
  • Container backup using CSI snapshots in Kubernetes environments. This powerful new feature enables developers to back up, recover and retain persistent container volumes using predefined policies, native Kubernetes integration and CSI snapshots. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus takes snapshots of persistent Ceph storage volumes using the Container Storage Interface (CSI) and leverages Kubernetes orchestration for backup scheduling automation. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus offloads copies of snapshots to repositories outside the Kubernetes production environment. This isolation is designed to help support cyber resiliency.
  • Support for VMware Cloud on AWS. This enhancement enables VMware administrators to deploy IBM Spectrum Protect Plus in VMware Cloud on AWS. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus for VMware Cloud for AWS is designed to support the workloads that IBM Spectrum Protect Plus supports in on-premises VMware environments, enabling administrators to unify protection lifecycle management for VMware VMs in their hybrid cloud environment.

“Our clients need container protection that can be rapidly adopted by DevOps and development teams,” notes Oded Shahar, CEO Databank, a longtime IBM Business Partner. “IBM Spectrum Protect Plus’ native integration with Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes provides the familiar self-service interfaces application developers want and gives IT a unified platform to manage and monitor both traditional and new workload protection.”

IBM is announcing additional enhancements to IBM Spectrum Protect, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, and IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management, including:

For IBM Spectrum Protect:

  • Support for Red Hat Ceph object storage to provide an open source option for data retention
  • Support for deletion holds for better data compliance
  • Dual authorization of administration commands helps prevent malicious or inadvertent deletion of critical backup data
  • Remote file recovery from AIX backups using an enhanced web client streamlines help desk services
  • Enhanced HSM for Windows provides a better view of file server health and disk usage

For IBM Spectrum Protect Plus:

  • VMware streaming restores for higher performance when recovering large numbers of VMs
  • Enhanced SQL log support provides better security and log backup automation
  • Enhanced LDAP integration enables the ability to integrate with more complex LDAP structures

For IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management:

  • Support for IBM Spectrum Virtualize snapshots and recovery of volumes in a HyperSwap configuration
  • Enhanced resiliency with near zero RTO for large SAP HANA databases by providing an instant snapshot revert capability for SAP HANA on IBM Spectrum Virtualize

Dramatic change in IT environments is having a huge effect on enterprise IT requirements. IBM modern data protection’s ability to simplify data backup, recovery and reuse in containerized, SaaS and hybrid multicloud environments helps enterprises hit the “easy button” when it comes to new workload protection – helping companies thrive in the constantly changing world of 21st century business.

More information is available here on IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, IBM Spectrum Protect, IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management, and other announcements today.

[1] Tackle the Modern Data Protection Challenge webinar featuring IDC;F:QS!10100&ShowUUID=FC051974-7D00-43C7-8CF0-59B5DB717567&

[2] Tech preview of Red Hat OpenShift support is planned for 4Q19 with general availability in 1Q20 subject to availability of CSI snapshot support in Red Hat OpenShift