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Data Management that Screams!

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Data, data everywhere…

Rivers of data…

Mountains of data…

Explosion of data…

These are all common expressions that we hear today.  Although these do have a supernatural sound to them, the facts show that data is growing at an astounding rate worldwide.  Whether you are dealing with Big Data business analytics, or traditional High-Performance Computing, processing of data is crucial to businesses this century.

In 2014, IBM Platform Computing announced the availability of a new add-on product for the IBM Platform LSF family which tackles head on the issue of intelligent staging of data in technical computing clusters.

IBM Platform LSF, a leading workload management product for demanding, distributed HPC environments delivers intelligent, policy-driven scheduling features to take full advantage of your compute infrastructure.  IBM Platform Data Manager for LSF builds on this to provide an intelligent framework for scheduling and movement of data within clusters, between clusters and to and from the cloud!

In keeping with the extendable architecture of Platform LSF, Platform Data Manager allows administrators to configure the file transfer mechanism that will be used to move data.  We are pleased to announce that Platform Data Manager now supports IBM Aspera High-Speed File Transfer among more traditional tools such as FTP.  The procedure is now included in the IBM Platform LSF documentation which is available through the IBM Knowledge Center.

With the growing trend for consolidation of IT resources to larger, centralized data centers in global organizations and the use of public and private cloud resources, workload performance can suffer as data is required to be moved to wherever compute capacity is available.  Platform Data Manager will manage data transfers independently of workloads, thereby improving throughput and ensuring the optimal use of resources.  Intelligent caching helps to eliminate duplicate transfers and duplication of data, helping to lower storage costs.  In conjunction with Aspera High-Speed File Transfer, Platform Data Manager can move data more rapidly between sites when required.

For clients who are looking to leverage the cloud exclusively or to supplement their existing compute capacity, IBM Platform Computing Cloud Services, provides versatile,
application-ready clusters together with leading workload management including IBM Platform LSF and IBM Platform Symphony, and IBM Spectrum Scale software defined storage.  Platform Data Manager for LSF is now also available as part of the IBM Platform Computing Cloud Services and offers the same benefits as described above – whether building a hybrid cluster, or strict off-premises.

Maximize the agility of your distributed computing environment with Software Defined Infrastructure – powered by IBM!

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Download the IBM Platform Data Manager for LSF Datasheet

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