Data grows and so should your IBM Flash Storage

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Today, there’s no question that storage plays a key role in helping enterprises achieve their strategic objectives. Given the incremental growth of data, the need for virtualization, the open source movement, and the shift toward cognitive computing and cloud, data storage is essential today.

These changes can cause increasing costs, complexity and inflexibility for businesses. IBM offers a new approach to cloud storage infrastructure for the cognitive era. IBM Flash Storage solutions are geared toward a range of different needs, environments and workloads.

The Flash Storage family of solutions can address the following storage infrastructure needs:

  • Virtual storage infrastructure
  • Cloud storage
  • Storage for big data
  • Business-critical storage


Hybrid and all-flash solutions built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize

This solution offers flash-driven application performance and includes IBM Storwize V5000F, IBM Storwize V7000F and IBM FlashSystem V9000. These solutions provide the combined power of storage virtualization and all-flash platforms to revitalize your data center. In addition, they accelerate critical business insights to improve the response time of core applications and reduce total cost of ownership by increasing flash capacity by over four times. These solutions provide a smaller footprint, improve operational costs and improve business agility with unique heterogeneous data services that maximize the efficiency and flexibility of nearly 400 storage arrays.

Cloud storage with FlashSystem A9000 and FlashSystem A9000R

For cloud storage, the IBM FlashSystem A9000 and A9000R platforms are built to deliver the best support for your cloud environment, enabling rapid and simplified storage. Hybrid cloud storage supports critical applications and workload demands by integrating next-generation cloud resources with traditional IT ones. At last! Speed and simplicity come together.

IBM DeepFlash 150 for big data and workloads on cloud

IBM DeepFlash 150 provides an essential petabyte scale, limited costs and big data storage elements. This all-flash solution offers quick response times for unprecedented performance at an affordable price. It helps accelerate large data volumes, from mobile to unstructured data. This option is ideal for any workload that requires very low latency, high capacity and sustained performance. When deployed with IBM Spectrum Scale software, IBM DeepFlash 150 delivers exabyte scale performance. Together, they provide for optimum flexibility, extraordinary cost-effectiveness and a simple yet powerful storage solution.

IBM DS8888: A flash system for business-critical storage

IBM DS8888 is a high-performance flash storage solution that enables the management of customer databases and applications with intensive use of data. It helps improve business performance and customer satisfaction and provides 24/7 access to data and applications through business continuity and bulletproof data systems. The IBM DS8888 changes the way you do business by accelerating application performance and improved server efficiency. It delivers the benefits that make All-Flash systems ready for broad enterprise deployment.

One flash can’t do it all. Find the IBM Flash Storage option that’s ideal for your business.

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