Credibility multiplied with IBM Storage

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Credibility is one of the most valuable sales assets available. It opens doors and it opens minds.

IBM Flash Storage just earned added credibility by placing three finalists in the all-flash storage category of and Storage magazine’s 15th annual Product of the Year competition.

This is a big deal for IBM Storage sales. Out of a total of seven finalist spots in the all-flash storage category, IBM captured three with our FlashSystem A9000, FlashSystem A9000R and Storwize V7000F products. Not only does this news demonstrate that IBM continues to develop and market some of the best storage solutions in the market, it also confirms our long-term commitment to industry leadership in the enterprise storage marketplace.

saad1, Storage Sales

Almost as significant as our three-time finalist placements are the facts that no other flash vendor placed more than once, and some companies we consider to be our chief rivals in the flash storage marketplace didn’t place at all. Flash storage adoption rates are accelerating[1] and this market segment is heating up. Constant product innovation and improvement are requirements for flash vendor survival. IBM Storage is innovating, improving and evolving. Perhaps the same can’t be said for some of our competitors.

saad2, Storage SalesAdding still more fuel to IBM Storage credibility, our TechTarget/SearchStorage honors were not isolated achievements in 2016. IBM Storage products earned dozens of different awards[2] and accolades last year. They included multiple Gartner Leadership Magic Quadrants[3], various awards and recognition from the IDC for IBM Cloud Object Storage, FlashSystem and Spectrum Storage products, and Flash Memory Summit Best of Show in the Most Innovative Flash Memory Enterprise Business Application category[4].

The three IBM all-flash storage systems that won finalist honors were designed for market leadership from the beginning. FlashSystem A9000 and FlashSystem A9000R integrate IBM FlashCore technologies, grid architectures and IBM Spectrum Accelerate capabilities. Both can provide extraordinarily consistent microsecond latency across petabytes of highly-reliable flash storage. They allow for very granular quality of service (QoS) and multi-tenancy management while providing easy connectivity to cloud resources for creating effective hybrid cloud storage solutions. Storwize V7000F combines economical all-flash storage with the many capabilities and advantages provided by IBM Spectrum Virtualize. Thanks to the Transparent Cloud Tiering functionality – now part of the Spectrum Virtualize suite of storage services – Storwize V7000F also offers cloud connectivity and management.

saad3, Storage SalesFlashSystem A9000, FlashSystem A9000R and Storwize V7000F epitomize the direction and overall vision of our entire IBM Storage all-flash portfolio. Our customers can support their mainframes with some of the best products in the business, scale out quickly and easily, start small and grow with their businesses, embrace the cloud and gain strategic advantages required to outpace their competition – all by leveraging the capabilities and benefits found within a single integrated storage solution domain.

Our customers around the world can gain added confidence, knowing that these solutions our sales teams recommend have already achieved significant recognition.

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[1] IDC Worldwide and U.S. Enterprise Storage Systems Forecast Update, 2015–2019, November 2015, IDC #US40560715

[2] Compiled in IBM Storage and SDI Awards 010917ST

[3] Gartner: 2016 Solid-state Array Magic Quadrant Report


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