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The emerging model of the “Connected Economy” promises to usher in a new era of business. The increasing links between people, organizations and machines are opening new ways to reach customers, collaborate with partners and gain insights for offering more personalized services.

The Connected Economy, though, depends on an IT infrastructure with seamless integration across all parts of an organization. Companies must be able to quickly apply the right resources and information to the right places.

That’s why IBM has been providing more ways to make its platforms, including the IBM z Systems mainframe, part of a hybrid cloud strategy – a combination of public and private clouds.

This week at IBM Edge in Las Vegas, IBM advanced that strategy with the announcement of offerings that make it easier for organizations to apply the data, applications and capabilities of z Systems more broadly. Highlights include:

  • The new OMEGAMON for Application Performance Management offering for z/OS clients provides a gateway for z monitoring data into IBM APM solutions for better insight into end-to-end hybrid cloud applications.
  • IBM z Operational Insights, a new software as a service, provides clients with cloud-based analysis of z Systems operational data to rapidly identify performance and cost optimizations.
  • IBM Common Data Provider enables z Systems operational data to be efficiently consumed in near real time by the clients’ cloud or local enterprise operational analytics platform.
  • IBM Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS helps clients move archived data typically stored on tape to the cloud, opening up new options for data storage while taking advantage of the security and responsiveness of z Systems.
  • A new beta for z/OS Cloud Enablement has been launched that makes it easier for developers within an organization to rapidly access data and resources on z Systems. Clients can apply for the beta at this sign-up page.

In addition to these new and updated offerings, z Systems announced plans for a statement of direction to deliver a new feature that allows applications running on z/OS to transparently use its hardware accelerated encryption capabilities at the dataset level based on security policy. The goal of this new feature, known as pervasive file encryption, is to enable clients to protect critical data and meet compliance objectives across a hybrid cloud environment.

The expansion of hybrid cloud for z Systems is important because it can bring core assets and advanced capabilities to more areas of a business. z Systems handles some of the most important applications and data for major global organizations, including 44 of the top 50 global banks, all of the top 10 insurers and 18 of the top 25 retailers. Fast, secure access to these core mainframe applications and data is important for providing customers meaningful information and personalized services.

The new hybrid cloud offerings also open new opportunities for businesses to take advantage of z Systems’ capabilities for speed, scale and security. With new hybrid cloud offerings, developers across an organization can tap into these capabilities to develop applications that run faster, scale to meet spikes in demand and provide a trusted environment for data, without needing any specialized skills.

We are still in the early phases of the Connected Economy. Less than 20 percent of businesses say they employ Connected Economy business models, products or processes to a significant extent today, according to a Harvard Business Review study commissioned by IBM.

The ground work, though, has been laid now to make this new model possible. Leading companies will begin enabling and leveraging the seamless integration of their IT infrastructure so they can focus on establishing the right business links necessary to excel in the future.  With an estimated 70 percent of the world’s enterprise structured data touching z Systems, it’s an asset ready and able to be rapidly and efficiently leveraged in the world of hybrid cloud.

Learn more about today’s IBM z Systems Hybrid Cloud announcements on the IBM Newsroom.

Vice President, IBM z Systems Software

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