Copy data management drives business velocity and efficiency

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Throughout my storage career I have seen many organizations solve storage challenges using copy data management.  As the IBM Spectrum family expands its copy data management portfolio and capabilities, I would like to share some experiences that make me a true believer in this solution area.

Next-generation data protection

A financial services company near my home in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, had several mission-critical applications supporting customer-facing web portals.  Frequent snapshots replaced nightly backups and, soon, they had a small mountain of snapshots.  They needed to manage them so restores would be simpler and expired snapshots could be deleted.  Their CDM solution catalogs data copies on multiple sites, including the cloud, and utilizes the copy capabilities of their disk and flash arrays.  The solution paid for itself in a matter of months by reducing storage consumption, simplifying copy creation processes and reducing average restore times.

Test and development (DevOps)

I’ve met several customers who are considering CDM to accelerate release cycles for their critical custom applications. It’s eye-opening to see complexity evaporate when CDM is deployed.  Manual check in/check out processes are replaced by automated workflows.  Multiple process steps are eliminated.  Schedule padding is reduced.  Errors are decreased.  The results of these technical improvements are inspiring.  By reducing the time from development to release, customers are releasing new updates more frequently.  For customer-facing applications, faster release cycles directly improve competitiveness.  Companies can improve market share by innovating faster than their competitors.

CDM can give developers access to live environments with fresh copies of data on demand. Delivering infrastructure in this way makes deploying systems to support applications an extension of the development process.  With the tools to provision data along with the rest of the infrastructure, developers can deliver new applications as quickly as they can create and test them.

Modernize copy data management

More advanced IT organizations have found that copy data management has multiple uses.  One shared copy data management infrastructure can support release cycle automation, staging for analytics, data protection and more.  Several times, I watched IT efficiency increase as copy data management use cases were added.

Supercharge copy data use cases with flash

Flash storage like IBM FlashSystem A9000 is becoming the standard for high-performance applications, including CDM. All-flash arrays deliver fast and automated copy creation for DevOps and streamlined copy management for data protection.  While the price of flash has come down, using that storage as efficiently as possible is still key to making economic sense. An automated solution for copy data management is a must to ensure these important resources are being used as optimally as possible. That means fast and automated copy creation for DevOps and efficient and streamlined copy management for data protection.

IBM Spectrum copy data management

IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management is a new IBM solution planned to become available later this year.  It is an all-software solution that can automatically create, manage and catalog copies across clouds, VMware environments and IBM storage (including IBM Flashsystem, IBM XIV, IBM Storwize, IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC), IBM Spectrum Accelerate and IBM Spectrum Virtualize). It can assist with the modernization of backup, recovery and archiving processes, and supports new use cases such as DevOps, application tests and delivery.  I’m excited to continue helping IBM customers solve business challenges and gain the benefits that come from CDM deployments.

Are you thinking about CDM?  IBM is ready to help. Click HERE to learn more.

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