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Connect traditional IT and the cloud with the new Power System E850C

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In September, IBM announced two new Power Enterprise Systems for the cloud, the IBM Power System E880C and E870C. Now, IBM is adding a third option to the mix, the IBM Power System E850C.

The Power E850C is ideal for private and hybrid cloud deployments, with built-in virtualization, OpenStack based cloud management and flexible Capacity on Demand. Re-engineered with faster processors running at 3.65GHz, 3.95GHz or 4.22GHz, and supporting up to 4TB of DDR4 memory, the new Power E850C delivers exceptional performance and virtualization in a compact, proven 4-socket, 4U form factor.  In particular, it can provide clients with Power 770 servers and/or multiple, underutilized x86 servers an extremely attractive option to move to the latest POWER8 technology, while realizing significant operational savings and improving energy efficiency.

what's possible with ibm power systems enterprise cloud solutions?

Built for the cloud

With the new Power cloud models, you can bridge the gap between your traditional infrastructure and the cloud. A Power E850C can help your organization to:

  • Cut operating costs by up to 50 percent over 3 years [1] by consolidating server footprints and exploiting POWER8 open innovation to modernize your infrastructure for the cloud.
  • Increase responsiveness by seamlessly provisioning new processor and/or memory capacity — permanently with Capacity Upgrade on Demand, or only as long as required via Elastic Capacity on Demand.
  • Securely connect core workloads and data to cloud-native applications.
  • Utilize the OpenStack-based IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager to accelerate and simplify cloud deployments.
  • Leverage top-of-the-line disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).
  • Get started with a hybrid cloud infrastructure with IBM Cloud Starter Pack, which offers up to 6 months of complimentary access to a cloud-based POWER8 bare-metal server running Linux[2].

Enhanced Power Solution Editions for Healthcare and SAP HANA

The Power Solution Edition for Healthcare has been updated based upon the latest Power E850C processors, and is designed to provide a tailored, cost-effective system configuration for medium and large hospitals deploying approved Healthcare ISV software, such as Epic’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) application on AIX. With a proven track record of reliability and performance in the healthcare industry, POWER8-based servers helps doctors deliver faster, more accurate responses to patient health status by coordinating IoT data across care providers. With Power Systems, you can improve patient outcomes and protect patient data and critical business applications from outages.

The new Power E850C Solution Edition for SAP HANA delivers a faster, more scalable 4-socket system configuration, with 48 cores running at 3.65GHz and 2TB of base DDR4 memory, which can expand to support up to 4TB of mission-critical SAP HANA databases deployed on premises in a private cloud.  The combination of of SAP HANA and a Power E850C can help enterprises to improve operational efficiency and shorten time-to-market, with faster processing of massive amounts of data across multiple products, locations and geographies.

Upgrade to the cloud with POWER8

All Power Systems Enterprise Cloud models leverage IBM POWER8 technology, the most reliable platform[3] year to year. Upgrade to the cloud with POWER8 to improve the economics of application delivery and your IT services.

Learn more about what’s possible with POWER8 in the cloud here.

[1] Calculated over 3 years; compares 3 year cost of 24×7 hardware and software maintenance of a 64-core Power 770 server,  running AIX Standard and PowerVM Enterprise Editions, to the price of acquiring and maintaining  a 40-core Power E850C server over the same period, assuming AIX licenses transfer from the 770 to the E850C server and the same discount % is applied to all list prices of the server, software licenses and maintenance offerings used in the comparison.

[2] With each IBM Power Systems Enterprise Server for the Cloud you are eligible for complimentary access to the IBM Cloud Starter Pack which provides access to a POWER8 bare-metal server running Ubuntu Linux in SoftLayer’s Dallas data center. Clients purchasing a Power E880C or E870C system are entitled to receive 12 months of access, and clients purchasing a Power E850C system are entitled to receive 6 months of access, at no additional charge. Additional months are available for purchase.

[3] Source: ITIC 2016 Global Server Hardware Server OS Reliability Results, Updated January 2016

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