CMO Council and IBM explore the truths of digital interactions

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How customers are interacting with brands is changing.  Three major trends: the emergence of the digital enterprise, the rise of the Internet of Things, and the advance of the API economy are changing the way marketers think and work.  To get more information on how these trends were really affecting marketers, IBM teamed up with the CMO Council and conducted a study that included insights from 268 senior marketing executives based on an online audit.

The results were insightful and a bit startling.  Senior marketing leaders were asked what they saw as the top business benefit from using more personalized content, digital interactions, and how effectively they themselves were doing this.  Surprisingly, only 5% of senior leaders believed their company was effective at creating digital marketing campaigns that reached audiences worldwide.

Marketers found that higher response and engagement rates were one of the top benefits they found from using more enriched interactions.  National Geographic, one of the brand leaders in this study, is an example of a company who is constantly engaging with its customer through “Your Shot,” their online photo community.  They post assignments and anyone can upload their photo if it matches the assignment criteria.  After the submission period is over, editors pick their favorite, and the winning photo is published in the National Geographic magazine.  National Geographic’s “Your Shot” community allows people from all over the world to share their photos with other photo enthusiasts and engage with the brand.  Some might even be the lucky few to be published!

Maintaining more robust and intimate relationships with customers is also one of the top ways digital experiences retain and monetize customers.  Favor, a food delivery app, emails its customers after they have used the service for the first time to ask about their experience.  Depending on the customer’s experience they may feel compelled to respond to the email.  This interaction is beneficial for both parties because customers have an opportunity to express what they liked or disliked and as a result the company can make improvements to retain their customer base.

Nowadays customers are expecting this personalized interaction and it is up to marketers to deliver this experience to keep customers engaged.  If you would like to read the CMO Council Study to improve your customer engagement standing, you can find it here: To gain insights into the digital marketing landscape find more information about IBM solutions at

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