Cloud infrastructure designed for your business model

By | 3 minute read | June 20, 2018

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When we talk about cloud, one of the most important challenges for cloud service providers is changing the old thinking about protecting data. With all of the cyberattacks being launched on companies, there’s no doubt that security is extremely important. It’s even more important if we consider that data breaches can lead to the end of a business. Taking all of this into consideration, IBM has invested in building a platform with best-in-class security features, crypto key protection and a Secure Service Container framework.

Featuring a new design and lower entry cost, the new IBM LinuxONE will easily coexist with other platforms in a cloud infrastructure, while bringing industry-leading enterprise computing capabilities to cloud workloads. Whether you are planning to provide premium cloud services to your business and its customers, or you are looking to serve others and differentiate yourself, now you have the agility to efficiently create and deploy the latest cloud-based digital services while ensuring that trust and compliance are not compromised.

With trust in our minds

The success of your business starts with your suppliers, continues with your partners and ends with your clients. The key here is trust: there’s little chance to work with stakeholders you can’t rely on, and there’s also little chance that clients will buy services from the companies they don’t trust. There’s a whole chain sequence and your company is in the middle of it. Can you deliver trust and gain your client’s confidence?

When it comes to servers, and more specifically — hosting you and your client’s most critical data, you need pervasive encryption, workload isolation and Secure Service Containers. IBM LinuxONE does exactly these things: with pervasive encryption and Secure Service Container technology you are able to simply and efficiently protect your client’s valuable data and applications. Along with workload isolation and many other security capabilities, you have highly-credible protection against both external and internal threats.

Don’t settle for good enough

Not all cloud models are created equally. There are many servers out there that appear good enough, but IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper II includes more. It is a secure cloud infrastructure built on highly-differentiated IBM LinuxONE technologies to deliver:

  • Ultra-high availability to ensure consistency of service for clients
  • Consistently high performance to ensure delivery to SLAs while supporting high volumes of transaction and data
  • Workloads that include data serving, blockchain, containers, industry applications, DBaaS, DevOps, and machine learning

Cloud service providers that offer LinuxONE as a cloud service to their clients can differentiate themselves and outflank their competitors.

Free to grow your business

When you’re thinking about your client’s needs, it’s good to know that they have the potential to grow their business as fast as they want. LinuxONE can scale quickly to support business growth: new and growing services can provide resources on demand.

Let’s not forget about the costs

It is said that money does not bring happiness, but saving them might do the trick.  Why not reduce your infrastructure costs and also help your customers to save money? Efficient sharing of resources, lower software licensing costs due to fewer cores needed, lower management costs – all of these are available in a single system built on an industry standard form factor with flexible pricing. Cloud service providers have the experience and corporate culture needed to manage a LinuxONE system and share costs utilizing multitenancy.

If all of the above sounds good to you, and you would like to find out more, then listen to the replay of the interview with Ron Argent, CEO of TES Enterprise Solutions, talking about Cognition Foundry. They have been successfully increasing demand for their services by providing secure, scalable and differentiated services to their clients, while keeping costs down.