Certified high performance with IBM Storage and SAP

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IBM and SAP have a long history of working together to create the best IT solutions possible for enterprises running SAP applications on IBM infrastructure. Looking to the future, we have every reason to expect this relationship to continue and flourish as customers deploy more flash storage and employ even more big data analytics like SAP HANA. After all, IBM is one of the largest storage vendors on the planet, and the same can be said for SAP on the software side.

A powerful partnership

Over the years, in line with our joint ongoing efforts to pursue the very best solutions for our customers, SAP has certified the IBM DS8880 family and IBM Spectrum Virtualize for SAP HANA environments. Most recently, SAP announced certification of our newest FlashSystem family members–FlashSystem A9000 and FlashSystem A9000R–for SAP HANA workloads as well. IBM FlashSystem A9000 and FlashSystem A9000R are purpose-engineered all-flash storage systems that extend IBM FlashSystem leadership to hybrid cloud workloads and big data analytics such as SAP HANA on the largest scale. FlashSystem A9000 integrates the extreme performance of IBM FlashCore technology, highly parallel architecture and comprehensive data reduction in one powerful solution. FlashSystem A9000R is a rack-based version that provides an excellent platform for rapidly growing cloud and big data analytics applications in large, mixed workload environments.

The SAP certification brings real value to our customers for two reasons:

  1. It provides another proof point that IBM and SAP are actively engaged in testing and certification efforts on leading edge technologies.
  2. The certification gives confidence to our customers that SAP HANA will operate effectively when properly integrated with the new IBM FlashSystem platforms.

Enabling high performance, cost-effective big data analytics poses many challenges for businesses. In the past, distributed architectures composed of dozens or even hundreds of individual servers were often employed to achieve the throughput and performance needed by big data analytics engines such as SAP HANA. These solutions were complex and expensive.

Changing the equation with IBM and SAP

IBM FlashSystem A9000 and FlashSystem A9000R change the equation. Difficult-to-manage distributed systems are no longer needed to help SAP HANA provide real-time business insight. For the largest of big data sets, FlashSystem A9000R can provide nearly two petabytes of effective capacity and nearly two million IOPS at around 250 microseconds latency–all in one 42U rack completely integrated behind an innovative new user interface that’s already earning accolades.

For terabyte-sized data sets, FlashSystem A9000 provides up to 300TB of effective capacity at the same microsecond latency in a compact 8U package, and so much more. The highly parallel internal architecture multiplies data protection and system resiliency–automatically. Performance tuning and resource utilization become obsolete concepts. And the reimagined data reduction solution, which includes inline deduplication, compression, and pattern removal are flash-optimized to achieve remarkably low latency.

The new FlashSystem platforms also facilitate hybrid cloud storage environments. They include built-in multi-tenancy and quality of service (QoS) management capabilities plus deep integration with IBM SoftLayer and other cloud APIs. SAP HANA users can realize significant benefits from the resulting agility to extend storage tiering into the cloud and lower costs by using essentially unlimited cloud storage capacity.

IBM FlashSystem A9000 and FlashSystem A9000R offer simply fast storage–and much more. Certifying them with SAP HANA, along with other members of the IBM Storage portfolio, means that the majority of enterprises on the planet can now have greater confidence. They can build comprehensive solutions that include high volume, high velocity analytics, cost-effective cloud, and all the features, capabilities and advantages that have characterized IBM and SAP solutions for decades.

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