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Can’t-miss DevOps and Service Management experiences at World of Watson

IBM World of Watson 2016 is the ultimate data and analytics conference. Celebrating the rise of cognitive computing, it showcases how new technical approaches are changing the way people and machines work together.

Throughout the week, you’ll have opportunities to network with 20,000 peers and experts, gain valuable skills from more than 200 hands-on labs and attend 1,500+ breakout sessions. It’s going to be big.

If you’re interested in DevOps, World of Watson offers a wealth of learning and hands-on opportunities. Once the domain of startups, DevOps is being embraced in the C-suite at large organizations  to transform the way they do digital business innovation. A DevOps approach helps teams deliver quality applications faster and better aligned to customer needs.

IBM knows DevOps. We provide methodologies, reference architectures, and an open toolchain to get clients started fast—and scaling successfully. IBM offers market-leading tools to automate application testing, deployment and performance management to drive big productivity gains.

We’re eager to help you embrace DevOps for public, private and hybrid cloud environments. Want to dive deeper? I highly recommend the following World of Watson sessions.  Click each link for more information and add to your personalized agenda.

Transforming Business and IT Operations with Next-Level Insight in the Cognitive Era

Learn how cognitive operations leverage processes and decisions that sense, respond and learn at every client interaction, enhancing human knowledge.  Speakers include Marie Wieck and Francis Friedlander of IBM as well as Andrew Strear from TD Ameritrade.

ITSM & DevOps Reception

Join IBM experts in conversation about our clients achieving software delivery success using cognitive IT service management and DevOps solutions.

Additional recommended “Dev” and “Ops” sessions include:

Using IBM Watson to Reduce IT Application and Infrastructure Outages: A Panel Discussion

Join this panel to hear how Kaiser Permanente, Haddon Hill Group and TD Ameritrade enabled IBM Watson to identify and address IT application issues.

Speakers include Terry Cameron from Kaiser Permanente, Andrew Strear from TD Ameritrade, George Knoll of Haddon Hill Group and  Denny O’Brien of IBM.

Using the Power of GitHub to Uncover Developer Collaboration

GitHub’s API is widely considered as one of the most flexible and robust APIs available today. Join GitHub’s Christian Weber to learn how to uncover API development patterns that work better together.

Deliver Fast, Don’t Break Things: Setting Up a Delivery Pipeline in Bluemix

In this lab, learn how to configure your own pipeline in Bluemix and connect it to your tests to quickly bring new innovations to market.  The lab will be led by Christopher Jenkins of IBM.

Explore more in the expo

Beyond DevOps, the IBM Cloud expo will be in full force with immersive experiences that attract both sides of the brain. IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Integration are critical to this transformation and will be featured in the Cognitive Concourse.

Cloud Integration will have live demos available, including one navigating Slack, the collaboration platform that rapidly grew to serve more than three million users in under three years.

Remember Jackson? Meet the experts behind the cognitive capabilities that helped Jackson succeed.

Lastly, hear stories of how IBM Cloud and IBM Bluemix are changing the status quo across industries, straight from the game-changers themselves. Live activities will be available so you can get hands-on and see how the offerings can help your business.

If you have any questions, just ask Watson what’s going in the Engagement Zone, like Cognitive VR perhaps?

IBM WoW DevOps Cloud ITSM

Whether you’re exploring DevOps, cognitive computing or cloud integration, we hope to see you at World of Watson 2016. Register here today!

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