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Business processes and decisions in the cognitive era

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Business is changing and moving in new and innovative directions. Customer insights from multiple channels: cloud, mobile, social, the Internet of Things and cognitive computing are shaping how business gets done, and redefining business processes, responsiveness and relationships with customers. Disruptive business models that take advantage of what’s possible offer great potential to act in real time and operationalize contextual insights from places like Twitter and the Weather Channel.

And while some industries are embracing a transformation agenda–redefining core processes and creating new business models for competitive advantage–others are lagging behind.

The IBM Institute of Business Value recently published a new study on how digital operations can transform the physical and how real-time insights can revolutionize value chains. According to the study, business operations leaders plan to use advanced capabilities to drive better results. 85 percent expect to have dynamic real-time distribution capabilities in the next 2-5 years. A vast majority of them have real-time predictive demand on their agendas. 75 percent say they will use real-time predictive demand capabilities in the next 2-5 years. But only 29 percent have an integrated digital-physical strategy. Senior operations executives want to build a network of partners, with order-status information integrated in real time to allow agility in reviewing insights and making adjustments for predictive and immediate actions.

What can business leaders do to stay at the forefront of the digital operations revolution?

Today digital technologies are going mainstream. Mobile processes allow the work to be performed anywhere, anytime, all the time. Social and analytical insights embedded in business decisions drive real-time decision management in context, opening up new avenues to connect with customers at every point of contact. Rich analytical capabilities like next-best action and cognitive computing are changing the way businesses are embracing the new era of the customer.
We have seen how business processes and decisions can get work done. We are also now seeing how cognitive is transforming operational processes and decisions. By infusing cognitive insights into business operations, organizations can understand and anticipate their clients’ needs better and derive greater cognitive insights to provide improved action at the right time in the right way. They can learn and adapt to provide innovative value. They can also empower people with greater knowledge to leverage the latest information and those cognitive insights. We call it cognitive business operations. To learn more, visit us here.

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