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This week at InterConnect 2016, IBM Cloud Object Storage was announced. IBM Cloud Object Storage will offer three deployment choices for object storage as a service when it is launched. These are being built using Cleversafe technology, a recent IBM acquisition, and will work with on-premises Cleversafe deployments to enable hybrid cloud storage.

You read that correctly…
IBM Cloud Object Storage can help with extending on-premises Cleversafe into SoftLayer, another IBM company, with access to the global data center and services. IBM is offering up dedicated or shared deployment options, AWS S3 and OpenStack Swift integration points with performance and pricing options. Object storage deployed in your data center can be geo-replicated to IBM Cloud Object Storage with a choice of service level.

Object storage’s architecture works very well in the hybrid cloud. The REST APIs abstract data access from data placement, and the rich metadata of objects is not dependent upon directories or other hierarchy. Furthermore, Cleversafe’s technology manages geo-dispersal and data resilience increases as object storage grows.

What about my other storage?
Many applications don’t support object storage or have high-performance requirements that object storage may not be able to meet. For example, databases and analytics typically run on block or file storage. These data protocols were not designed for web scale. The file systems assume the directory structure is a reflection of the physical storage underneath it.

You can build hybrid clouds for block and file
IBM Spectrum Storage is a suite of software-defined storage that can work with a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Solutions like IBM Spectrum Scale, IBM Spectrum Virtualize and IBM Spectrum Accelerate abstract data access from data placement. They can assist with the seamless growth of physical storage without impacting applications. These storage solutions and the backup solution, IBM Spectrum Protect, contain data intelligence for understanding latency and networks, so storage architectures can span data centers, including systems in the IBM Cloud.

IBM can help you demonstrate the benefits of including object storage and cloud as part of your storage solution. IBM Spectrum Scale, currently in beta, will help you expand file and object storage to on-premises Cleversafe or to cloud services. IBM Spectrum Protect now supports Cleversafe as a backup storage pool, expanding cloud storage capabilities announced in 2015. These capabilities provide the flexibility to add cloud to your on-premises storage and intelligently balance between local performance and cloud storage economics.

Really? Show it to me!
If you are attending InterConnect 2016 in Las Vegas you will see numerous examples of IBM Spectrum Storage and IBM Cloud Object Storage in both on-premises and cloud service options. These demonstrations include file, block and object storage in a hybrid-cloud vision that spans multiple storage types, locations and incorporates cloud services directly into enterprise data center storage.

In the IBM Systems booth at InterConnect you can see demos of these new and exciting solutions. We can show you how seamless it is to add cost-optimized Cleversafe object storage for your backups, or to add object storage underneath global, extensible, high-performance file storage with IBM Spectrum Scale.

If your goal is to be hybrid with IBM Cloud, you can do that today on dedicated systems with IBM Spectrum Accelerate for block or IBM Spectrum Scale for files.

When IBM Cloud Object Storage is live in 2016, even more options will be possibilities with software-defined storage from IBM. IBM has the vision and the breadth of solutions to deliver a better hybrid cloud that is supported end-to-end.

Don’t delay! Figure out your path to hybrid cloud:

  • Come visit us in Booth 116 at InterConnect 2016.
  • Attend one of the many IBM storage talks.
  • My session #7186 is Wednesday February 24 at 12PM PST with customers who have already been testing IBM Spectrum Scale with object storage.
  • Look me up in the IBM Event app to discuss our announcement in person at Las Vegas.
  • Share your experience using the hashtag #InterConnect on social media.

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