Better together: The IBM Z and LinuxONE ecosystem reacts to IBM’s latest announcement

By | 3 minute read | October 28, 2019

Today’s IBM Z is built to enable the cloud you want with the privacy and security you need. In this hybrid multicloud world, we collaborated with an ecosystem of over 700 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to deliver more than 4,000 applications bringing additional value to you. Several of these ISVs shared their perspective and offered their thoughts on the recent IBM z15 and IBM LinuxONE III announcements.

Market optimism

Highlighting the excitement for these enterprise systems’ potential for growth and enthusiasm for modernization is BMC’s recently completed 2019 Annual Mainframe Survey of a broad spectrum of 1,100+ executives and technical professionals. Their results demonstrate that the perception of the mainframe continues to be strong, as indicated by 93 percent of respondents believing in the long-term and new workload strength of mainframe platforms — a level not reached since 2013.

The cloud you want…

Greg Lotko, SVP and General Manager at Broadcom’s Mainframe Division, has a few thoughts on this positive perception, stating “The IBM z15 platform, along with our industry-leading mainframe software, positions you to achieve your goal of creating an integrated and agile mainframe environment. Broadcom’s partnership with IBM enables you to accelerate your journey to digital transformation using open tools and technologies with the security and resiliency you require.”

Encryption everywhere

When Andy Younis, President and CEO at Rocket Software, learned more about our recent announcements, he said he was very intrigued with the new perspective on data privacy. “Once IBM Z data becomes easily accessible by virtually every open and modern analytics tool, you immediately ask — How will that data be protected? Now, with the new Data Privacy Passports, currently available in beta enabling encryption everywhere, you can protect the privacy of your data.”

Cloud native development

Going beyond encryption everywhere, the new IBM z15 and IBM LinuxONE III is also focused on cloud native development. Regis Paquette, VP Global OEMs & Alliances at Canonical, the publishers of Ubuntu, commented “This launch is a truly exciting moment in the cloud journey as it allows IBM to combine the best-in-class cloud native capabilities, running on Ubuntu and available to our thousands of developer teams, while providing industry first advanced security and data privacy features for hybrid deployments.”

Additionally, John Mertic, Program Director at The Linux Foundation commented “We are excited to see the continued innovation of this platform for open source and Linux. Cloud native is the present and future and is the direction we are taking with the Open Mainframe Project and Project Zowe, which opens up industry-standard open tooling to developers. Now, developers have even more of a reason to work with this area of technology, because with the new IBM z15 there are new levels of data privacy and resiliency that address data protection and privacy concerns, so they don’t have to.”

Take back time

IBM also launched IBM Z Instant Recovery. It is designed to minimize the duration and impact of downtime and accelerate the recovery of your mission-critical applications. It also works to help improve service level recovery without impacting IBM software licensing costs. Many ISV partners in our ecosystem understand the objectives of IBM Z Instant Recovery and fully embrace the strategy of continued service level excellence without software cost ramifications.

ISV ecosystem

Numerous ISV partners delivered day one support for the new IBM z15 including Christopher O’Malley President and CEO at Compuware. And the support to deliver the cloud you want continues with Broadcom, Compuware, and BMC recently joining us in our May 2019 announcement of Tailored Fit Pricing. This new, flexible software pricing model can dramatically simplify the existing pricing landscape through flexible deployment options tailored to your IBM Z environment.

These are but a few examples of the energy, enthusiasm and supporting offerings from the ISV partners ecosystem. IBM is excited to continue our collaboration with them through the years and now with the new IBM z15and IBM LinuxONE III announcement. Together, we’ll continue to focus on the future as we uncover new opportunities to support you.

To learn more about this recent announcement, we encourage you to view ‘The new IBM z15: The cloud you want with the privacy and security you need’ webcast here.