Backup and recovery as a service comes of age

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Backup and recovery has emerged as the most frequently implemented use case for cloud infrastructure, with disaster recovery a close second, according to new research by Enterprise Strategy Group.  This trend has been a boon for backup and recovery as a service (BRaaS) providers.  BRaaS providers using IBM Spectrum Protect software are now delivering over 9 million cloud backups every month for business and government customers.

BRaaS providers were in full force at the IBM Edge conference in Las Vegas this week.  BRaaS providers spoke on over a dozen thought leadership topics ranging from ransomware to Amazon S3 integration.   They were featured in the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Summit, IBM executive panels, cloud track and data protection track.  It’s clear that some of the top data protection experts are BRaaS providers using IBM Spectrum Protect.

An unmistakable sign that BRaaS is coming of age is the BRaaS Community.  The BRaaS Community is a group of like-minded professionals seeking to improve and expand their industry through collaboration.  Common interests such as service-level management and multi-vendor partnerships were the stuff of lively discussions at plenary, executive and practitioner BRaaS Community meetings at Edge.  BRaaS providers compete vigorously at times, but markets are growing quickly enough that cooperation can be the better strategy.

Three examples illustrate the client advantages of collaboration among BRaaS providers.

  • IBM Resiliency Services and Cobalt Iron, two BRaaS powerhouses, collaborate to provide hybrid cloud data protection from IBM SoftLayer and IBM cloud resiliency centers around the world. IBM Resiliency Services brings decades of experience in large enterprise business continuity.   Cobalt Iron contributes adaptive data protection systems that run in customers’ data centers to deliver high-performance backups and restores.  Global organizations using both Cobalt Iron and IBM Resiliency Services can meet aggressive service level agreements with confidence.
  • Key Information Systems and Silverstring have partnered to deliver flexible and secure BRaaS services for healthcare customers. Key Information Systems holds SSAE 16 certification and HIPAA HITECH for healthcare data.  Clients in this industry can simply ask for a copy of KeyInfo’s HIPAA report when their auditors request it, avoiding the arduous procedure of having their entire backup process audited.  Silverstring enables increased visibility, sharper analytics, smoother automation and real collaboration with their Predatar software.
  • CenterGrid and Auwau collaborate to provide enterprise-class BRaaS for mid-size organizations in the US.  CenterGrid provides the cloud infrastructure for application hosting, backup and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).  Auwau enables flexible services and invoicing with their Frontsafe Cloud Portal software.

The BRaaS Community Directory includes the BRaaS providers mentioned above and other founding members.  If you’re looking for business-class data protection from the cloud, choose from providers in this directory.

If your company provides backup and recovery as a service using IBM Spectrum Protect software, please consider participating in the BRaaS Community by contacting Mike Barton at IBM.

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