Yael Shani

IBM Systems at HIMSS19: Making precision medicine a reality

AI, Cloud computing, Flash storage...

Are you getting the insights you need from your data, or are you just getting more and more data? At the HIMSS19 conference and exhibition (Feb 11-15 in Orlando, FL), we will introduce new capabilities of the IBM high-performance data and AI (HPDA) reference architecture for healthcare to help your organization make precision medicine a ...read more

VUmc creates data storage platform for vital research

Storage, Tape and virtual tape storage

When VU Medical Center (VUmc) in Amsterdam started to reevaluate their data strategy and data architecture capabilities, they realized they have a significant gap to bridge between where they are and where they want to be. The fact that they have massive amounts of data that needs to be kept for decades (including administrative documents, ...read more

Behind the scenes of precision medicine

Hybrid cloud storage, Real-time analytics, Software-defined computing...

Advancing the science of medicine relies largely on access to patients’ genomic information and the other related biological or environmental factors causing disease. Armed with additional information, researchers and physicians can often target a disease more precisely with treatment specific to the individual, and potentially deliver higher-quality personalized patient care. In a world where the ...read more

IBM Storage in action at HIMSS17

Flash storage, Software-defined computing, Software-defined storage...

Today, many healthcare enterprises find themselves dealing with too much data, delivering too little insight. And as we move forward, the challenge will grow. By 2020, it’s estimated that the amount of medical knowledge available to us will double every 73 days, and doctors may have to tackle 200 times the amount of medical data ...read more

Flash and retail: Be first, be best or be nowhere

Flash storage, Hybrid cloud storage, Storage

Mobile, social, analytics and cloud technologies have created a very strong foundation for what’s to come in the cognitive computing era. For retail, cognitive computing has already arrived. It is dramatically transforming the ways we do business and consume products and services, and it is raising client expectations to an all new level. In a ...read more

Your storage can do more for you

Integrated infrastructure, Storage

Today, there is no arguing the fact that IT plays a critical role in helping businesses achieve their long-term strategic goals. IT is changing business models, shaping industry trends and determining the competitive landscape: Who’s going to be first, who’s going to be best and who’s going nowhere. If you feel your existing IT infrastructure ...read more

Mind the gap

Flash storage, Storage, Workload & resource optimization

When we look at the tremendous data growth organizations are experiencing these days against flat or declining storage budgets, we realize that some organizations face a serious gap. It is possible, however, to bridge the gap by building the right storage foundation–a foundation that will help organizations manage and run data much more efficiently. When ...read more

Need more flash? Fund it with tape

Flash storage, Storage, Tape and virtual tape storage

Whether you are a retail business analyzing consumer data generated on social media channels, an entertainment institute that archives digital assets, a life science company dealing with HIPAA and government regulations or a managed service provider (MSP) that offers cloud services–you are all dealing with big data. You have to build the right strategy to ...read more

Do you know where I’m spending my money next?

Power Systems, Storage, Workload & resource optimization

This video summarizes it all: Customers expect companies to know them personally – their tastes, habits, preferences, lifestyles, buying patterns, what they like and dislike, how old their kids are, if they have a pet, when it’s time to replace the car or their furniture, to renew the house insurance or their gym membership or ...read more