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How IT can save your business

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I joined the Marine Corps right after high school graduation because I was tired of school, and restless. I wanted to do something. So, what does the Marine Corps do with me after my basic training? You guessed it, they put me in a classroom for nine months of rigorous technical training to teach me more

Looking for storage performance? No need to wait for NVMe

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The latest buzz in storage is NVM Express (NVMe) and for good reason.  The new interface greatly expands on the capabilities of the Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) by utilizing the massive amounts of parallelism available in NAND flash storage.  NVMe is capable of over 65,000 queues in comparison to a single command queue of more

Making a case for cloud computing

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My wife, who is home for the day, just informed me that her IT department moved their email and home directories to the cloud.  Previously, the company’s access policies were so restrictive that she could never see this information offsite.  As I reflected on what this change would mean to remote users, I wondered about more

Rethinking hyper-converged infrastructure

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Change has been ever-present in IT, but it has gained new speed in recent years. The rate of change, however, is subordinate to the magnitude. The transformation we’ve seen in IT in the last few years would register a nine on the Richter scale when it comes to disruption. The key driver of this disruption more