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IT inspiration for your own digital transformation

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Today’s biggest challenges involve managing huge amounts of data and getting the most value from it while also keeping that data secure. At IBM, we provide the most comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions to help all of our clients maximize their data’s potential and propel their company forward into a world of p ossibilities. What that more

6 ways to enhance your IT infrastructure

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AI and cloud technologies are having a disruptive impact on IT, affecting everything from compute and storage requirements to developer tools. As a result, the hardware you procure today should not only meet your expectations, but it also should prepare you for what comes next. With that consideration in mind, an assessment of your IT more

Reinventing IT infrastructure in the cognitive and cloud era

IBM invests heavily in innovation for IT infrastructure as part of its overall innovation agenda. Why? Because we know that traditional IT infrastructure and systems won’t be enough to drive businesses forward — our business or yours. As I discussed in a previous In the Making blog post, the role of IT leaders is changing. Roles more

Behind the curtain: How cognitive computing works

Few technologies offer the potential to impact our lives like cognitive technologies. Advances are continuously being made in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, such as enabling airlines to predict micro-climate changes to improving the ability of doctors to recommend the most appropriate treatment options. According to an MIT Sloan study, 85% of enterprises view more

Architecting infrastructure for the cognitive era at IBM Edge 2016

Designing, building and delivering intelligent infrastructure requires thinking differently about IT architectures. Architecting these systems means selecting the right technologies optimized for new workloads, considering the placement of data where it’s needed and when it’s needed, and delivering through cloud platforms. For IT leaders tasked with building infrastructure for the cognitive era, IBM is devoting more

IT leaders are the architects of the future

These days, I think a lot about how IT leaders shape the future for their companies. I recently read a thought-provoking blog post from Paulo Carvao, IBM Systems Hardware Sales General Manager, where he sat down with 12 executives as they discussed their roles as service providers and how technologies like cognitive computing are transforming more

Moving digital transformation forward with cloud solutions

Cloud computing is at the heart of technological transformation these days; it is changing everyday life for consumers and businesses alike—and at a rapid pace. As a global leader in cloud computing, IBM brings to market a broad range of cloud solutions that facilitate business growth and innovation across private, public and hybrid environments. IBM more

Cloud maturity: Preparing for digital transformation

Graduation commencement ceremonies are happening everywhere this time of year, signifying a step toward greater maturity for young people. Whether that means completing high school or earning a degree and entering a first job, preparing for the future is vital for success—and that’s equally true for businesses in the era of cloud computing. Businesses today more