Going beyond the hype to a secure blockchain

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Many types of common business transactions — such as moving goods through a supply chain, or making multi-party contractual agreements — are more complex than they need to be. This is because each party to a transaction maintains their own, private records. Keeping all these records in sync is a time-consuming and inefficient process. Blockchain ...read more

“Apache Spark aficionados are in for a real shock”: Discover why at Strata


If you’re responsible for analyzing data, you are almost certainly acquainted with Apache Spark. There’s a strong chance you’ve already begun a development project, or at least kicked the tires. Very often Spark is positioned as a “better Hadoop,” but people rarely write about the aspect of Spark that is poised to revolutionize the way ...read more

Data, analytics and fuel for the insight economy


Today’s our last day at the TDWI Analytics Experience in Boston. We’ve been busy talking up our new partnerships and expanded analytics vision for the z Systems ecosystem, and the feedback has been really positive. If you missed the news, please read this overview from Ross Mauri, General Manager of IBM z Systems. Yesterday I ...read more

Real-time just got a whole lot more real

Real-time analytics

Yesterday was a very exciting day for us at the TDWI Analytics Experience in Boston, as we unveiled a number of partnerships that significantly expand analytics capabilities within the IBM z Systems ecosystem. You can get the word directly from my boss, Ross Mauri, General Manager of IBM z Systems, who set out the basics ...read more

Data scientists: The mainframe wants to meet you in Boston next week!


Well, maybe not the mainframe directly, but I do. And so does my team. We’re heading to TDWI’s The Analytics Experience conference at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston with some big news about how the mainframe is catering to you and your specific needs, so that you can analyze mainframe data without the fuss, ...read more

SPARKing a data revolution on z Systems mainframe


Coverage of IBM’s big bet on Spark is so thick it’s impossible even for the most deeply ingrained mainframe sysprog not to have seen at least one mention. If you head over to check out IBM Spark, the first words you see are “Apache Spark is an open-source cluster computing framework….” Maybe that’s about as ...read more

The truth about real-time analytics in the era of big data

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Every day we see the impact of real-time analytics and personalization on modern business. Mobile has been the ultimate catalyst, driving new customer experiences that are tailored to the individual, as data fuels a race to provide more value than competitors do. The emergence of the open data economy is enabling access to entirely new ...read more

James Taylor on mainframe analytics


Whenever I mention the name James Taylor in one of my talks, I have to add in the caveat “no, not the songwriter,” because most people of my generation instinctively conjure up thoughts of Sweet Baby James. But no, it’s not that James Taylor I’m referencing; it’s the James Taylor who runs a company called ...read more

IBM z Systems mainframe and right-time insights: The tale beyond the tape


Today, the IT world is abuzz with the introduction of the next generation of the mainframe, IBM z Systems. The new flagship of the mainframe world, the IBM z13, comes with a pretty impressive stat sheet: Forty percent more total capacity Three times increase in memory Two times increase in cache Single-instruction multiple-data (SIMD) Simultaneous ...read more