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Generative Adversarial Network technology: AI goes mainstream

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There have been some fun and popular applications in recent years that allow users to manipulate images of a human face using filters for age, gender, facial expression and the like.  With these apps, you can get magazine-cover quality images for any selfie with just a few clicks. These apps can transform a face to more

Insights on data and CTO challenges

Real-time analytics

A conversation with an IT social influencer During InterConnect 2017, we spoke to industry thought leader and prominent social influencer Craig Mullins, president and principal consultant of Mullins Consulting, Inc., about his perspective on the challenges faced by today’s CTOs and the growing complexity of data. Mullins has an extensive background in data and database more

Can a machine think?

The concept of cognitive is an exciting and intriguing one. We all want to know: how does cognitive factor into my own life, and how will my life change because of it? What are the most deeply personal repercussions of digital transformation in the cognitive era? We asked distinguished IBM engineer Nin Lei to weigh more