Louise Westoby

Simplify container management with integrated controls

Software-defined computing, Software-defined storage, Storage...

Organizations are witnessing a rapid evolution in frameworks for big data analytics such as Apache Spark and Hadoop. They are also handling ever-growing volumes of data. To help improve computing reliability and efficiency, many of these next-generation applications are being composed of microservices that run in lightweight container environments. While containers allow developers to move ...read more

IBM Spectrum Conductor: Access, analyze and protect big data

Software-defined computing, Software-defined storage, Storage...

If your organization uses data to gain competitive advantage, you’re looking to accelerate performance-intensive applications and extract full value from that data. As data volumes continue to explode in size, you’re probably asking: How do we accelerate results by rapidly and efficiently adopting next-generation analytics applications and open source frameworks such as Apache Spark? Are ...read more

The next evolution of software-defined infrastructure: HyperScale converged

Software-defined computing, Storage, System software

More and more, we are realizing that data is the currency of business – and critical for a competitive advantage. Organizations continue to face growth challenges; how to store, analyze and protect their data throughout its lifecycle in the most cost efficient manner. In addition to the vast amounts of data, there are increasingly diverse ...read more

Making Hybrid Cloud Work for You

Software-defined computing, System software

If several large projects require the same technical computing resources for a two week period, what should you do? Or what happens if you are experiencing spikes in infrastructure demand at a certain period during the day–do you purchase additional infrastructure to accommodate that increase in demand even though those resources will be underutilized throughout ...read more