Kathryn Guarini

IBM Research: Helping to make AI more productive for enterprises


There’s so much hype about AI! Students are enrolling in machine learning courses in record numbers. Investments in artificial intelligence (AI) startups are at an all-time high. Developers are building, testing and deploying AI models. Recent AI excitement, innovation and progress throughout the world is truly staggering. So, what does it mean for all of ...read more

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the technology industry

Big data & analytics, Internet of things, Mainframes...

Technology has become both more pervasive and more accessible. From smart phones to instant messages, online shopping to electronic payments, technology plays a vital (and sometimes intrusive) role in our lives. Young and old, we can hardly recall a time when we couldn’t search for an answer in an instant (who goes to a library ...read more

LinuxONE: The Power of the Ecosystem

Linux on z, Linux systems, LinuxONE solutions...

The strength of LinuxONE is really made possible through the broad ecosystem. The flexibility and innovation that open solutions are bringing to the market are a powerful force, and the open movement is one that we are committed to being a part of. We also recognize that many of the emerging open solutions push complexity ...read more

Why LinuxONE? Speed, Scale, Security and Availability

Linux on z, Linux systems, LinuxONE solutions...

 Businesses today are under immense pressure to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and innovate at an unprecedented pace. Success in the digital economy is predicated on speed, scale, security, and availability. LinuxONE leverages an architecture with a set of unmatched attributes, technologies, design practices, and capabilities that allow customers to derive unique value. This ...read more