Jeff Barnett

IBM Storage Utility Offering

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Buy storage capacity your way IBM introduces a procurement method that aligns your capacity costs to your business initiatives  Data creation continues at an explosive rate, and does not appear to be slowing down. Customers look to their IT partners to help solve these problems and often ask… how can I better align my capacity more

Field report: Managing large-scale file and object storage

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Experts responsible for preserving data find there’s a lot to like about object storage.  Object storage has scalability and efficiency advantages.  Much of the data and storage management complexity is hidden.  Organizations with the fastest data growth are the most likely to invest in object storage, according to ESG survey data. I manage IBM’s data more

Software-defined storage cuts storage costs in half

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The data is in: software-defined storage can cut your storage costs in half. And there’s more. New research from the International Technology Group (ITG) shows software-defined storage can cut your storage administration costs in half, too. These gains are based on reports from dozens of experts managing multi-petabyte environments. Surprisingly, companies spending 2 to 3 more