Dylan Boday

Deep learning & HPC applications get even faster

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Data is coming at us from every direction, and it’s up to data scientists and IT leaders to make sense of it by cleaning, processing and extracting actionable insights. It can be challenging enough to prepare your data pipeline, and once you complete this task, you don’t want hardware components to limit your ability to ...read more

Teaming up to deliver the best server for enterprise AI

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Growing up and playing sports through college, I learned that winning is a team effort. No single player, no matter how spectacular, can carry a team to a championship alone. This analogy resonates as that’s what we are now seeing as we embark on the artificial intelligence (AI) era. I believe that the whole is ...read more

Servers by design

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For next-generation data-intensive applications Adapting to exponentially growing data, application and workload demands is a constant consideration for line of business leaders and IT architects. This growth is driven by the explosion of data coming from social media feeds, the Internet of Things (IoT) and many other sources. This rapid data generation is fundamentally changing ...read more

How-to guide: Stay competitive in a digital economy

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In today’s digital economy, regardless of industry, every company must embrace technology to adapt to the rapidly changing market dynamics. As data analytics and consumer demands evolve and grow, companies must modernize their IT infrastructure to deliver innovative capabilities and maintain competitive positioning. Modernizing your IT infrastructure can seem daunting; however, the following steps will ...read more

IBM’s new OpenPOWER LC servers

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Disrupt your industry without disrupting your data center Today’s digital economy is demanding and growing exponentially. This growth is driven by the explosion of data coming from social media, IoT, AR/VR and AI. All are fundamentally changing the way businesses operate and compete. The ability to harness this data from a broad number of sources ...read more