All-flash innovation part II: Cognitive business

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For more than half a century, information technology (IT) has helped businesses function with ever-increasing efficiency, speed and intelligence. Going forward, successful companies will be “cognitive businesses”—those able to most effectively exploit sophisticated IT foundations and the explosion of data to more effectively power and improve their revenue and profit bases. IBM is leading the charge as organizations all over the world embark on the cognitive business journey.

To provide the horsepower for the cognitive business, IBM delivers a broad set of all-flash storage solutions. There’sherzog2, FlashSystem so much more insight to gain, better decisions to make, stronger security to apply—if only your business could move faster and process more data, more quickly, using new cognitive techniques. With IBM cloud, virtualization and mainframe-optimized all-flash storage, your business most likely will.

IBM offers all-flash storage solutions for a full range of applications, use cases and workloads. The solutions can help accelerate mainframes, enable high performance hybrid cloud and launch mid-sized workloads up to Fortune 500 altitudes. Take the new DS8888 all-flash data system, for example.

The IBM DS8880 family of storage systems is where innovative enterprises turn when mission-critical applications require the highest system reliability and availability, especially in mainframe environments. The new IBM DS8888 combines all-flash performance with the highest availability, enterprise-class data management and storage services, and unique integration with IBM z/OS. Large organizations in retail, manufacturing, government, academics, pharmaceuticals, pure research, and even travel and leisure are using IBM mainframes to power enormous relational databases, sequence individual human genomes and process millions of customer transactions hourly. These always-on, business-critical environments demand the performance, reliability, cost-advantages and deep mainframe integration provided by the all-flash DS8888.

Hybrid cloud is emerging as the springboard into the new cognitive era. The recently launched IBM FlashSystem A9000 and IBM FlashSystem A9000R all-flash storage platforms are purpose-designed to help enterprises profit from the benefits of cloud computing. They integrate IBM FlashCore technology with the innovative grid architecture, simple scalability and software-defined storage advantages of IBM Spectrum Accelerate.

Cloud service providers and companies implementing private or hybrid delivery models would deploy FlashSystem A9000 to provide predictable all-flash performance while managing the challenges of customer security and variable use cases and workloads. Large enterprises with data-at-scale workloads such as big data analytics and sprawling, global file systems would deploy the rack-based FlashSystem A9000R. Using IBM Hyper-Scale technology, both systems can scale to hundreds of individual nodes all managed from the innovative new user interface.

Along with hybrid cloud, enterprise-class data services and storage virtualization is expected to power the future of cognitive business. Within the comprehensive all-flash storage portfolio from IBM, FlashSystem V9000 uses the time-tested capabilities of IBM Spectrum Virtualize for enterprises seeking to accelerate their existing storage infrastructure and manage it all as one highly resilient resource. Companies with mid-sized workloads can get the same virtualization advantages with the all-flash IBM Storwize V7000 or V5000. Organizations planning to deploy converged infrastructure can utilize VersaStack configurations that include all-flash components.

Big data analytics, the Internet of Things, mobile and social systems of engagement, and cloud computing are just some of the tools used by cognitive businesses to make better decisions, gain deeper customer insight and capture competitive advantage. Enterprises in the 21st century will need a lot of storage horsepower to fully realize the benefits of the cognitive approach. This is why more and more organizations are turning to the comprehensive portfolio of IBM award-winning all-flash storage solutions.

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