Accelerate business insights on IBM Z

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Competitive advantage today is based on immediate insight, trusted relationships and the ability to move with speed to engage with clients across multiple channels. To meet these goals, IBM recently introduced the IBM® z14™, the next generation of the world’s most powerful transaction system. It is capable of running more than 12 billion encrypted transactions per day, driving advantages in insight, security and connectivity.

Today we’re building on this momentum with a new analytics solution that takes the next step toward integrating analytics and data on IBM Z. With accelerated analytics built right into the platform, the new Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS Version 7.1®, deployment on IBM Z, also called the Accelerator on IBM Z®, can help organizations optimize the value of their data without worrying about data protection, governance and security issues. Leveraging IBM Z’s outstanding qualities of service and trusted information flow, the Accelerator on IBM Z delivers a unified, protected and intelligent data store on Z.

The advantages are many. You can build insight and intelligence into your decisions with no need to replicate core data off of the mainframe. You can accelerate the data preparation phase that feeds in to machine learning, using the Accelerator on IBM Z as a vital part of the machine learning lifecycle on the mainframe. In short, you can make trusted business decisions faster and accelerate insights from your enterprise data by implementing the new Accelerator on IBM Z.

For the first time, the Accelerator on IBM Z is available as an integrated appliance, running directly on IBM Z processors – a “download-and-go” experience deployed in hours rather than days. The Accelerator on IBM Z, available November 24, 2017 on new IBM z14 orders, takes advantage of z14 pervasive encryption, 32 TB memory and superior qualities of service without requiring organizations to invest in separate hardware.

Because different IT environments and application workloads require different approaches to accelerated analytics, several deployment options are available depending on an organization’s priorities and requirements. The Accelerator on IBM Z can be packaged in a full drawer for new z14 orders. For lighter workloads, there’s an option to use existing processors and memory on z14. Another option is the Accelerator on IBM Integrated Appliance (IIAS), a self-contained appliance that works in conjunction with IBM Z for enhanced analytics capabilities.

The new Accelerator on IBM Z:

  • Assists in-database data transformation using massively parallel processing to prepare data for machine learning, and can help reduce the processing required.
  • Delivers high-speed, low-latency processing for complex Db2 queries.
  • Accelerates analytics queries without compromising security.
  • Allows multiple container deployments on a single IBM Z footprint with workload isolation.
  • Takes advantage of the high availability and quality of service capabilities of the IBM Z platform.
  • Is designed for enterprise-grade Hybrid Transaction Analytics Processing (HTAP) on IBM Z, with near real-time analytical processing on data for business transactions.

This announcement continues IBM’s strategy to make information insight more accessible than ever before and to help organizations accelerate insights on the massive volumes of data on the mainframe.

See Db2 Analytics Accelerator on IBM Z to learn more.

IBM Z & LinuxONE Vice President, Offering Management

Daniel Hernandez

VP Analytics Offering Mgmt

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