A Holiday Gift Guide for the Sysadmin

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 1. The “Pause” button from Black Mirror, so they can stop their boss mid-sentence as he’s complaining about the way they‘ve organized all the cables.

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2. Screen polarizer so their boss can’t see when they’re really just playing Fortnite.

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3. A “Do Not Disturb sign that auto-generates when someone walks by their desk.

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4. An AI assistant to answer all of their support calls.

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5. A real assistant for everything else.

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6. The power to imbue people with the technology knowledge they should already have (like providing tech support to family over the holidays)

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7. Emergency deodorant for a coworker (they know which one we’re talking about.)

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8. Slippers disguised as shoes because shoes are a lesser invention.

10. A winter outfit for a trip to the data center.

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11. An FAQ to send your coworkers, when you get asked the same question for the 100th time.

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12. Last, but certainly not least, what your sysadmin really wants: IBM Storwize V7000, a solution that can help you optimize performance with end-to-end NVMe flash storage.

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