Introducing IBM’s new AI capability – Business Transaction Intelligence

By | 2 minute read | August 30, 2019

IBM introduced Business Transaction Intelligence (BTI), a new capability of IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network, at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Summit. More than 200 Sterling Supply Chain Business Network customers are early adopters, including Anheuser-Busch, Petco and The Master Lock Company. Nickolas Bonivento, EDI Manager – North America, Anheuser-Busch and Labatt Brewing, tells us, “By providing independent insight and visibility into our supply chain, we’ve given productive time back to both business users and technical teams.”

Here’s how Business Transaction Intelligence works

BTI uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver deep search and visibility capabilities into B2B transaction lifecycles in real time, enabling business users to get the insights they need to make faster and more informed decisions. Natural language and conversational search technologies, powered by AI, allow business users to ask questions and receive answers using business terminology they use every day, rather than technical jargon.

Petco is harnessing the power of IBM BTI. Mylene Ortiz, Sr. IT BPSA, Supply Chain joined Inhi Cho Suh on stage at Think 2019 to discuss Petco’s supply chain innovation journey. Mylene noted BTI is “like the microwave was to the stove. The microwave essentially can do anything the stove does, but in less time. Time is money for me, and the fact that I could get the information I need in less time – seconds versus days – makes a whole big difference for me. Before BTI there were so many questions that needed to be asked before I could get to a certain document… just to get the information I needed. Now, that’s been cut down to seconds.”

BTI also allows IT users to quickly drill down to see the granular detail of specific documents. According to Connie Rekau, EDI Manager, The Master Lock Company, “With IBM Business Transaction Intelligence, we can dig deeper into our EDI data to identify patterns that wouldn’t otherwise be obvious. As well as building a scorecard to track our performance against internal service-level level agreements (SLAs) with the business, we have set up reports that highlight trading partners with higher-than-average error rates.”

Empowering business users to proactively address a problem instead of hearing about it from their customers, BTI monitors B2B document and transaction trends across your supply chain. Combining AI and machine learning along with pattern detection and data science expertise, it automatically detects any unexpected changes in volume, velocity and value patterns.

With improved visibility made possible with BTI, your enterprise can:

  • Optimize the productivity of your IT team by using AI to reduce the time they spend tracking the status of transactions on behalf of business users.
  • Empower business users to self-serve the information they need to increase performance and improve customer service.
  • Receive early warnings on B2B transaction anomalies and move quickly to minimize the impact to the business.
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