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Mitigate extreme weather effects on your supply chain

Written by Stefan Freund | December 19, 2019 | Supply Chain News

The World Economic Forum ranked extreme weather as the biggest risk facing our world in 2019. For supply chain professionals, weather events and natural disasters are topping the list of things keeping them up at night. In the past year alone, supply chain professionals were forced to manage weather disruptions associated with: A winter storm more

Fueling the next-generation of supply chains

Written by Jeanette Barlow | October 7, 2019 | Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Supply Chain, Order Management, Supply Chain News

In today’s global marketplace, businesses can win or lose on the strength of their supply chain. To deliver market-leading agility, supply chain leaders have spent years digitizing processes, optimizing workflows, and introducing analytics to better understand past events so they can take more informed actions in the future. Despite enormous investments of time, budget and more

No two supply chains are the same – IBM Sterling has a platform for that

Written by Marshall Lamb | October 7, 2019 | Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Supply Chain, IT & Developers, Supply Chain News

Historically, most supply chains are closed systems locked behind four walls. They are a stitched-together series of heterogeneous systems, networks and applications, with many different data formats. Because no two supply chains are the same and are comprised of many systems beyond their control, developers and partners tell me that one of their biggest challenges more