Virtual assistant launched to help Ukrainian refugees access key services in Czech Republic

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Prague – 6. April 2022: IBM and the Ukrainian Embassy in Czech Republic today announced a virtual assistant “E-konzul” that would provide in Ukrainian language relevant information to Ukrainian citizens in Czech Republic.

With an increasing wave of Ukrainians coming to Czech Republic, the Ukrainian Embassy sought the way how to help them effectively in their difficult situation after crossing the borders to Czech Republic. The Ukrainian Embassy has used IBM Watson Assistant to speedily launch a tool which can help thousands of new coming Ukrainian people entering Czech Republic. The virtual assistant answers relevant questions related to registration, visa, employment, travels, notary services etc.

Ukrainian Ambassador Jevhen Perebyjnis highly appreciated IBM’s help in creating chatbot. “We are very grateful to IBM Czech Republic team for creating a chatbot for our citizens. The chatbot will simplify our communications with Ukrainian people who need consular assistance in the Czech Republic.  Citizens turn to us in quite typical situations like for example when they need to issue new passport or register a newborn child, so in most case a virtual consul could replace a call consultation with a live consul.”

“Getting the right information to people quickly is important in a humanitarian crisis. AI-powered virtual assistants can help organizations build conversational interfaces into the applications, devices, or channels that people rely on for information. Working with the Ukrainian Embassy and a group of IBM volunteers in Europe, we were able to get E-konzul up and running quickly, connecting Ukrainian citizens in Czech Republic to essential information and services,” explains Zuzana Kocmanikova CEE Consulting Deals Leader from IBM.

IBM Czech Republic is in negotiation with the Ukrainian Embassy in Czech Republic how to extend E-konzul’s services to other countries such as Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Hungary. This could help more Ukrainians to get the relevant information they need when they live abroad. After necessary adaptation to the context and specific situation in individual countries the virtual assistant should be able to answer any relevant questions of refugees located in countries mentioned above.

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