Transforming energy and utility in the era of digital disruption

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The utility and energy industry is going through a period of extreme disruption; everything about the way companies do business is changing. A few years ago, the energy and utility industry was primarily focused on the infrastructure, while today, customers’ needs are at the centre of the companies’ business models.

We at NKM are aware that if we want to survive in an era of constant disruption, meet the local energy demands and respond to regulatory and more sophisticated customers’ requests, we need to transform and rely on technology innovations.

In responding to all those new challenges and trends, the use of technology is of extreme importance especially for the E&U organizations.

Our mission is to develop innovative energy and utility concepts and solutions to meet local energy demands and offer exceptional value to our users, Hungarian citizens and our private customers.

In addition, we strive to build a user-friendly and low cost digital utility system to make energy and utility networks safer and smarter. Our aim is to improve energy delivery and optimize performance by offering network automation and efficiency.

To achieve our goals, we need access to deep industry expertise and the latest innovations, especially in the fields of advanced analytics, cloud and mobile solutions.

NKM will work with IBM to foster innovation and accelerate digital transformation in the E&U sector in Hungary, with the main goal to provide advanced services based on the latest technology innovations to our 4.2 million customers:

  • In cooperation with IBM, we’ll have access to IBM’s Energy and Utility industry know-how in the Smart Grid, Electric Vehicle Charging and Smarter Cities solutions and consultancy area as well as to the Design Thinking innovation methods and tools from the IBM Client Innovation Center in Hungary which we will use for smart network development over the long term.
  • In addition, we will work together on the development of new concepts and innovative solutions to enhance utility and energy operations like developing hyperlocal weather alerting for power grids and gas pipeline network or incident reporting system for citizens.
  • Our experts will collaborate with IBM’s specialists to identify new E&U approaches and will attend workshops held by IBM where our experts will gain deeper insights into utility network’s cybersecurity defence and predictive maintenance management of utility grid assets.

We believe that creation of new innovative solutions and approaches will help us to improve energy and utility network performance and safety while delivering a better customer experience.


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