Improved banking experience through the power of IBM Cloud platform

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Nikolay Shalamanov, DSK Bank

I have just read Bart’s blog and I could not agree more: the rules in our industry have changed and the digitalization is at the heart of this process which makes financial institutions more and more turning to cloud to optimize spending on ICT. But that should come as little surprise. The technological solutions to help institutions reduce resources costs for managing bank applications and for performing the changes of the mainframe servers are already at our disposal.

DSK Bank, for example, turned to cloud earlier this year to enable a transformation of business operations towards a fully-digital enterprise that allows it to innovate with mobile services, improve efficiencies, and better reach our clients. We decided to migrate our core banking applications to IBM Cloud infrastructure and so transform our banking platform and develop new services for our more than three-million individuals and business clients.

The IBM Cloud model is based on the highest security standards and it ensures an enterprise that is secure, scalable and can handle mission-critical workloads efficiently. DSK has selected private cloud capabilities to transform its core banking platform and develop new services for its more than three-million individuals and business clients.

When we made our decision to use IBM Cloud infrastructure we had several priorities that we have set:

  • To improve the performance of our bank systems
  • To serve equally well different generations and clients – from millennials, through elderly generation and to small and big enterprises
  • To provide security for our customer’s data
  • To reduce unnecessary spending
  • To handle big workloads efficiently

DSK Bank has been using the IBM z Systems mainframe and IBM software solutions for more than 20 years. This new agreement took our long-term relationship to a next level as IBM Cloud portfolio offers highly secure deployment options that will help us create greater flexibility, performance, economy and resilience the bank requires to support its growth objectives.

Thanks to IBM Cloud platform we managed to create a high performing cloud structure, backed by next generation servers, which allows us to offer flexible services for our customers. The performance of all banking systems has improved and the customers were experiencing improvements in electronic services. Furthermore, in future we will be able to evolve our services even further with new capabilities that leverage IBM’s investments in cloud, as well as analytics and security and so set DSK to benefit from cognitive technologies.

After the end of the whole migration process it turned out that the most critical applications – our electronic banking system and mobile application are working 10-15% faster. As a result of working with IBM we expect to generate up to 20% in annual savings which is one of our mainly goals.

In addition, IBM offers us a service called “tech refresh” which provides us periodic replacement of the machines in Vienna. This means that we are constantly using the latest technologies while maintaining the agreed service cost.

IBM Cloud model is a suitable solution for financial institutions like us, which want to benefit from future cognitive technologies, develop new client experiences for diverse customer sets and improve speed to market – all while increasing IT efficiency.

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