Announcing the Availability of panagenda ApplicationInsights

IBM and panagenda are excited to announce the availability of ApplicationInsights.

ApplicationInsights is a unique application that is used to analyze your IBM Domino application landscape and provide easy–to-understand dashboards to help you determine the business value of your applications, and give you a clear understanding of which applications should be archived, rewritten or modernized.


A no-cost version of ApplicationInsights is available for all IBM customers on active Subscription & Support for either IBM Domino Enterprise Server PVU or IBM Domino Utility Server PVU. This version entitles customers to:

  • Usage details for the 50 most used database instances
  • Design complexity of the 50 most complex database instances
  • Design insights for 50 database instances across the most used and most complex

To get detailed information for additional applications, you can purchase value packs. Each value pack unlocks details for 500 applications. The first value pack purchased also unlocks a report showing all unused applications!

To get more information on ApplicationInsights please visit our Q&A Technote.

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