Vidyo Showcases the Next Wave of Telehealth Using IBM Watson Workspace and Nokia Solutions

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One of the main challenges of remote doctor/patient consultations is access to basic health diagnostic information. When patients visit their doctor in-person, the first thing they do is have their vitals taken by a nurse practitioner. While healthcare providers are increasingly offering virtual video visits (see Kaiser Permanente’s Video Visit – powered by Vidyo), and remote doctor visits are a critical step forward, these vital measurements are still not available or actionable when the patient joins via video. Now, that is all about to change.

Vidyo_IBMConnect_video_healthcareTelemedicine is a life-changing technology. The vision for telehealth is to encourage inclusive access and clinical efficiency across the continuum of care for all patient populations. Now, companies like Vidyo, known for our industry-leading high-quality video technology, are connecting with solutions like IBM Watson Workspace and Nokia Withings to help recreate the in-person healthcare experience like never before, empowering care providers to do more with less, and ushering in the future of a connected healthcare system.

In 2017, telehealth will keep thriving, with cloud-based embedded video driving. For example, our self-service developer platform is letting any developer video-enable virtually any connected device, including up-and-coming hardware like smart glasses for critical “see what I see” applications in urgent areas like surgery, ambulatory care and emergency response.

The larger conversation around telemedicine and outcomes is evolving, with it no longer being only about delivering remote care to rural, hard-to-reach areas. From telepsychiatry to telestroke, real-time video collaboration – that works well over mobile and is embedded into workflows like Watson Workspace – is highly proactive, with comprehensive tele-ICU programs improving case volume and expanding patients’ care teams by addressing specialist shortages.

Waicberg_telemedicine_Nokia_WithingsAt IBM Connect 2017 (February 20-23), Vidyo  will show how patients can wear the Withings smart connected blood pressure monitors and weight scales and discuss these critical metrics directly through the Watson Workspace application with their physician in real time – all over high-quality, embedded video chat within the Watson Workspace flow from the comfort of the patient’s own home or office.

At Vidyo, we are keeping a close eye on connected hardware and the IoT, as we work to video-enable new disruptive form factors such as smart glasses, drones, kiosks, ATMs and more. However, our work in healthcare is a special source of pride for our company, especially as we have seen recently how advanced telemedicine has the power to make a real difference in the lives of veterans, nursing home residents, stroke victims, expecting mothers, children with autism and many others. We are excited to present our concept demo the next wave of telehealth, Vidyo’s integration with IBM Watson Workspace in just a few days at IBM Connect 2017. Visit us at booth number 828, and learn more about Vidyo here.

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