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Busy, Chaos and Change Are Not Going Away – So What Will You Do about It?

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Anese Cavanaugh is the author of the September 2016 Social Business Book Club selection, Contagious Culture: Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization That Thrives.

I often get asked to work with business leaders and their organizations on leadership, managing change better, slowing change down, reducing burnout, taming busy … you name it. In the same breath, these business leaders want to have more impact, be more innovative, purpose-driven, balanced and energized. And regardless of the industry or geography, most all of them want a healthier, more collaborative and life-giving culture – one that creates awesome results.

Tall order. Totally doable.

All of these intentions and desires working together make good.

But there are beliefs that get in the way. For example, some might believe that in order to innovate and be on the cutting edge, they have to push people harder, work harder, put more competitive metrics and incentives in place, and drive drive drive their culture to “kill it.”

While I get where these beliefs come from, they don’t work. They’re not sustainable, not joyful, won’t create optimal productivity and creativity, and won’t create a healthy and positive results-focused culture – one that’s contagious in the way they’d like it to be.

The truth is, innovation doesn’t have to create burnout, change doesn’t have to be slowed or stopped, and being connected to purpose provides the fuel and energy an organization needs to tap in to the deepest levels of collaboration, creativity, and leadership.

The one caveat in making this all happen? You must simply Show Up.

Busy, chaos, change, overwhelm, the buzz … If you’re innovating and creating impact and changing and emerging, these are not going away. They’re actually an essential part of the secret sauce. The fact that they’re here and exist is not the problem. It’s how we interact with them and what we make them mean that is the bigger issue. The following five principles can help with creating a new reality. They’re all in your control. They’re all free. And they’re all highly impactful.

Do not slow down the change or stop it … Instead, navigate the change – ride it, embrace it, find the gifts and purpose in every moment of it.

Do not burn yourself out … Instead, take extraordinary care of yourself from the inside out, staying connected to purpose and why you do what you do in the first place.

Do not suffer culture and results Instead, become the culture you want to create. YOU are the culture. It starts with you. Emanate the culture you wish for, be a part of the solution for creating the results you want, and lead from there.

Don’t buy into the hype Yes, big stuff happens and culture change can be daunting. But this is where Showing Up is most important. You do not have to be a victim to culture, busy, burnout, or any of it. Rather, choose how you want to Show Up, take care of yourself, create solutions, and create results.

Do be responsible for your impact You are contagious, you set the tone. However you respond to change, to challenge, to culture, to life – it will ripple. This means you have super powers. Use them for good.

So how will you Show Up?

Ready? Go.

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