6 Ways to Use Mobile for Learning

The Mobl21 blog recently ran a post on Seven Learning Models for Mobile Learning with useful suggestions for mobile use cases. Mobile now allows learning to be available when and where you need it. You can make better use of “found” time to engage in needed learning activities or have learning available along side you as you [...]

Five Key Steps for Course Translation and Localization

Today’s training organizations often need to provide learning materials in multiple languages.  However, translating your courses for a new language market can be more complex than it first appears.  Here are five important steps to go through to properly enable this process: Deciding on Translation or Localization? You need to first determine if you are [...]

How To Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors

“Your employees are your brand” is more than just a cliché, as we were reminded this week, with a national pizza chain’s unfortunate customer experience, when an employee typed a racial slur on the customer receipt. As expected, apologies were made and the employee was fired. A month ago, a similar incident with a different national chain [...]

Build Better Job Descriptions

76% of all organizations currently have job descriptions in place, according to a poll question surveying more than 800 participants during our recent webinar entitled Job Descriptions: The Why, When and How. This is good news. But while having job descriptions in place is a critical first step, it is even more important that the [...]