Overcoming the Obstacles of Recruitment Roadblocks [Infographic]

From an outsider’s perspective—hiring seems easy, right? Before my time here at IBM, I was an HR professional and people often asked why it was so hard to fill an open req. I mean, you just post the position, sort through résumés, conduct some interviews and hire someone. Not too complicated, right? Well, for those [...]

What’s the Big Deal About a Social LMS?

I am proud to announce that this week IBM publicly launched the industry’s first and only enterprise-grade Learning Suite with a Social LMS complete with networking, collaboration and sharing capabilities. We are very excited about this launch because we know it’s going to have a huge impact on our customers and the way their employees, partners and [...]

Recognising the Unsung Heroes

Into the second week of the Olympics and we head out to the relative tranquility of Eton Dorney – the London 2012 rowing and canoe sprint venue close to Windsor Castle.  The canoe and kayak athletes are immensely strong with incredible aerobic capacity, which may cause you to wonder why I’ve chosen a photograph of some cyclists [...]

What the Olympic Workforce of 70,000 Volunteers Can Teach HR

Wanted: People to work at least 10 shifts of 8 hours each. Some shifts may start at 5 a.m. Central London location. Pay: $0 (although a ‘travelcard’ for local public transport will be provided).* More than 240,000 people applied for that position and, right now, 70,000 who were lucky enough to get through the selection [...]

Making Connections Through a Shared Vision

A Kiwi couple check schedules next to me on their smart phones. Three French women in front share coffees. A young Serbian man unfurls a flag over the hand rail and a group of Spaniards compare the quality of their face paint. At various points we all smile at each other. This is what it’s [...]

Women In Leadership: What Organisations Can Learn From Civil Service

Last week saw the Civil Service Live conference take place at Olympia conference centre in London. Three days of talks, workshops and supplier exhibitions all aimed at senior civil servants. I ran a session on Women in Leadership in the main theatre which turned out to be an inadequately parcelled off area at the rear [...]

The Real Question Is: Why Wouldn’t You Outsource Recruiting?

When you think about it, outsourcing recruiting makes perfect sense in today’s business economy. Competition for jobs is fierce, and companies demand more and more quality candidates and expect greater efficiencies that will lead to better business productivity. Hiring the very best talent for available jobs is vital to overall success. Companies that hire the [...]

Do we still value work in America?

It’s a big question. If you ask Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame, the answer is no, we don’t value work. And I completely understand his argument. As he says, we have created a war on work. The work he is speaking about is trade and skilled labor, the people and companies who make our [...]

Your Workforce Will Sizzle with Kenexa Hot Lava Mobile

We’ve taken the plunge into the mobile learning marketplace, and we think our customers will greatly benefit from the business solutions at their disposal. We are thrilled to announce the launch of IBM Hot Lava Mobile 3.0, which is a leading mobile solution used to develop, manage and analyze the results of independent device communications, [...]