Talent Acquisition

How Cognitive Systems Will Change Recruiting in 2017

The goal for any talent acquisition team is to recruit the right candidate at the right time. Yet, recruiters admit they would not rehire 39% of their recent hires. In this new age of data and analytics, that level of regrettable hiring should be a thing of the past. Not surprisingly, just 7 percent of [...]

Will You Find Coal in Your Stocking or the New Hire of your Dreams?

Tis the Season! Santa’s making a list and checking it twice – rather than finding out who’s naughty or nice, he’s checking to see which recruiters are adapting to meet today’s candidate, and which HR professionals are spinning their wheels with old and tired strategies that no longer work. In the spirit of the season, [...]

Don’t Be Sketchy – How to (Not) Reach People

Poor Sketchy. He never seems to do anything right, especially when it comes to understanding and talking to the people he’s trying to reach. Don’t feel too sorry for him, though – all the help is there for him to treat people like individuals, just as recruiters need to do with candidates. What could Sketchy [...]

Reduce Hiring Mistakes With the Right Metrics

Hiring the wrong person can be a very expensive mistake. Consider the wasted cost of recruiting, selecting, onboarding, and training that hire, not to mention the negative impact onco-workers and customers. Then think about having to start the hiring process again to find the right person. Hiring mistakes are not uncommon; the latest IBM WorkTrends™ [...]

Reppify and IBM Kenexa Team Up to Bring Innovative Social Sourcing & Referrals to Market

The power of employee referrals: Employee referred job candidates are 3-4 times more likely to be hired, remain with the company longer and are 25 percent more profitable than any other hiring source. In addition, employee-referred job candidates are the lowest cost to hire and are 26-35 percent faster to hire than those sourced from [...]

Winning Support for Talent Frameworks at Sprint

Companies have always made it a priority to find and keep people with the right talents, and yet, almost all are still plagued with skills gaps. New technologies can increase these gaps as the workforce needs to stay up to speed on mobile, social, cloud, analytics and now cognitive. The stakes are high, with a [...]

Personalized Learning: From Great Expectations to Learning at the Leading Edge

Back in the not-so-good old days, workforce “training” was a formalized event or a series of sessions marked by instructor-led education in a chilly classroom, punctuated with ample opportunities for caffeine intake help keep learners engaged in the content. Contrast old school learning with today, where radical change in workforce demographics and the very nature [...]

How Ascena Built a Custom-Fit Approach to Talent Acquisition

Retail companies know perhaps better than most that you need to treat candidates like customers if you want to hire the best of them. During IBM HR Summit 2016 in Boston, Ascena’s Melissa Lord Illsley, Senior Manager of HRIS Reporting and Systems Administration, and Callie Pelican, HRIS Analyst, explained how the women’s fashion company took [...]

Loblaw Shares Culture Journey at IBM HR Summit

At the IBM HR Summit in Boston last week, Fran Hansen, Vice President of Talent at Loblaw Companies, shared the company’s culture journey after it acquired Shoppers Drug Mart in March 2014. In her session “Two HR Departments Become One: Loblaw’s Culture Journey,” Hansen described how Canada’s number-one grocery retailer and its number-one pharmacy and [...]