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Key Takeaways from HR Tech World Congress 2016

As I sit on the Eurostar on my way back from a thrilling (and exhausting) HR Tech I look around the carriage and at least I know there is strength in numbers – I’m not the only one feeling it! There can often be a bit too much hyperbole about these types of events (that [...]

Why is it important to be aware of one’s motivation drivers? Part 2

In my last post, we discovered how important it is to understand your personal motivation drivers at work, citing your ability to manage your job activities as a key first step. Once you have a good foundation of managing your job activities, the next steps would be taking ownership on your career and improving interpersonal [...]

Why is it important to be aware of one’s motivation drivers? Part 1

Your Wednesday meeting with this prospect you’ve been chasing for so long has been cancelled. A missed opportunity for sure, but your to-do list is a few pages long so you might either solve this issue with your provider, Max, work on the next quarter marketing plan, or plan your next business trip. Alternatively, you [...]

Before you believe the millennial hype headlines

Four questions to ask yourself before you believe a millennial hype headline I’m a workforce scientist. My passion is using data that leads to a better workplace experience for employees and improves business performance. One particularly distracting topic that continues to attract headlines is the perpetuation of the myth around generational differences. So, what does [...]

Battling Bias with Data

If you knew, you’d change! Battling bias with data Most leaders, when confronted with the realities of our propensity toward bias, planned to improve the quality of data used in talent decision-making. Data gathered from leaders has demonstrated this. Once you have these facts to hand, will you demand change too? The brain makes use [...]

Countdown to HR Tech World

Recruiters today face challenges that their predecessors never imagined. With the rise of social and mobile technologies and the empowered consumer have come a bevy of consumer-like expectations among those searching and applying for jobs. These expectations are even greater among the top candidates. For example, a recent study showed that 75 percent of high-potential [...]

Life Hacks–How to Advance Your Career by Leap Year 2020

Life Hacks–How to Advance Your Career by Leap Year 2020 Although we live in a base 10 society, we seem to favor planning elections and major sporting events every four years instead of five. The quadrennial leap year is based on mathematics rather than preference, but it presents a great opportunity to plan out your [...]

Help Your Career Leap Forward by 2020

Leap Year naturally makes us reflect on our past four years and consider what the next four might have in store. At work, it’s a time to look ahead and ponder how to get where you want to be professionally by Leap Year 2020. We asked some industry leaders for their thoughts and they agreed: [...]

Annual Performance Reviews: Lose-Lose?

A recent lawsuit filed against Yahoo alleging unfair firing practices tied to a performance review system implemented back in 2013 has brought a decades-old debate back into focus. The suit claims that (in a similar vein to GE’s infamous annual house cleaning, made famous under Jack Welch) Yahoo’s methodology is more of a Draconian measure [...]